Weekly trivia: why does Big Ben display 3 o’clock on the £5 note?

And which famous crooner was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s in his pocket? Mark Mason brings you a fact for each day of lockdown.

9 May 2020

Home school club: what is a pangram?

Liven up your child’s learning with these six subject-based facts.

6 May 2020

Weekly trivia: which actor once handed out suitcases of $1 million to his dinner guests?

Mark Mason brings you an interesting fact for each day of lockdown.

2 May 2020

Home school club: why did Chopin sleep with wooden wedges between his fingers?

Mark Mason shakes up home school with some fun subject-based facts.

30 Apr 2020

Weekly trivia: whose dog inspired the character Chewbacca in Star Wars?

With ‘normal’ news on hold at the moment, it’s to the past that we have to turn for ‘take your…

25 Apr 2020

Homework club: which mathematical term inspired the name Google?

Liven up home school with these fun facts.

22 Apr 2020
Once Upon A Time Premiere - 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Weekly trivia: which actor was on a flight on which terrorists rehearsed 9/11?

And why is Anthony Trollope to blame for the fact there are no NE or S postcodes? Mark Mason livens up lockdown with some weekly trivia.

18 Apr 2020

Homework club: why do flower petals follow the Fibonacci sequence?

Mark Mason livens up your lockdown learning with these fun facts.

14 Apr 2020

Weekly trivia: how did ‘Of Alley’ in London get its name?

And why does the ‘S’ in Harry S Truman’s name stand for nothing? We bring you a fact for each day of lockdown.

11 Apr 2020

Weekly trivia: which famous ship set sail on 10th April?

And how were matches invented? Mark Mason staves off your lockdown boredom with these fun facts.

5 Apr 2020

Homework club: which three U.S. presidents died on July 4th?

And where does the word ‘koala’ come from? Mark Mason helps you liven up home school with these fun facts.

1 Apr 2020

Homework club: liven up your child’s learning with these fun facts

The Eiffel Tower grows six inches in summer and the word ‘canter’ comes from “Canterbury”.

24 Mar 2020

The worst sports injuries to be caught on camera

These shudder inducing incidents show that professional sport is not for the faint hearted.

12 Mar 2020

10 royal watering holes fit for kings and queens

Drink in the Royal Family’s favourite haunts.

4 Mar 2020
Frank Lampard of Chelsea

Football’s most intelligent players: from Frank Lampard to Socrates

Here’s our guide to the beautiful game’s biggest brains.

9 Feb 2020

How to survive January

January is enough of an endurance test without the food and drink deprivation that people tend to embark on at this time of year

1 Jan 2020

Six rooftop bars for winter

Drink in a view alongside your winter cocktails by exploring the capital’s rooftops

20 Nov 2019

The only way to stay in love with London is to leave it

The trick to mastering London is to avoid the hassle of living there and yet pop in for the perks

3 Oct 2019

Britain on a high: 8 summer activities to do at a height

Have a high octane British adventure this summer, from zip wires to hot air balloon rides

26 Aug 2019

London’s best station hotels

London’s station hotels exude all the heady glamour of the early days of train travel

21 Jun 2019

The best driving experiences

Have you had enough of rush-hour traffic jams on the morning commute? Fed up with your kids bickering in the…

1 May 2019

Have a horrible histories holiday in Rome

Rome is full of gory facts to delight kids and grown ups alike

23 Apr 2019

The rise of sports tourism

From Dutch fans travelling to the UK to watch premier league football to test match cricket holidays in the Caribbean

21 Feb 2019

Snooker: the most skilful sport of them all

Why Ronnie O’Sullivan’s skill surpasses that of all other sportsmen

13 Jan 2019

Put a positive twist on your new year’s resolutions

Swap negative resolutions for positive ones this January

1 Jan 2019

Into the wild (with the kids in tow)

Child-friendly El Karama Eco Lodge in Kenya reviewed

28 Nov 2018