Pensions: the gender gap

It’s a fact of life that women save less for their old age than men do — and it’s the…

30 Sep 2017
Glenmor estate lodges at Gleneagles

Thank you for sharing

How would you like to celebrate your birthday each year at a five-star cottage alongside the Gleneagles golf course? Or…

27 May 2017

New year, new opportunities

 The new tax year is just a month away and changes are coming that will affect your personal finances. Some…

4 Mar 2017

Make your wealth last longer

We’re all getting older. We’ve just celebrated the Queen’s 90th as a very special occasion, yet by 2027 there will…

21 May 2016

Selling euros? Don’t get stung

Buying and selling foreign currency can be a high-stakes gamble, with murky exchange rates and fees making it virtually impossible…

5 Mar 2016

Thinking ahead

As the nights draw in and the year-end approaches, we should all take stock of how our finances fared in…

14 Nov 2015
Crowd fever: Hindus at India’s Janmashtami festival form a human pyramid to claim a pot of prize money.

Is it wise to follow the crowd?

Investors are pouring into the crowdfunding arena. Barely five years old, the sector is growing in the UK at an…

3 Oct 2015

Save now, save plenty

George Osborne, just before the election, waved his golden wand to give the over-55s access to their pension cash at…

23 May 2015
Some forms of trading are not for DIY investment novices: the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the era of ‘open outcry’

Pick the right platform

You’ve decided to go it alone and make your own investment decisions. You’ve worked out how much you can afford…

7 Mar 2015
Why not try it at home? Do-it-yourself banking is a growth market

Turn yourself into a bank

Hard-pressed savers in search of decent rates of return are increasingly turning to the world of ‘alternative finance’. In the…

8 Nov 2014