Lara Prendergast is online editor of The Spectator

How to host a dinner party for six

Guests should come armed with gossip, not long lists of eating habits.

26 Sep 2020

How to see Europe by train

Amsterdam, Vienna, Venice, Milan – travelling the continent by train is surprisingly straightforward.

5 Aug 2020

What to see and do in Palma

Majorca’s charm has been overlooked and nowhere is this more evident than Palma

12 Sep 2019

Bed linen: how to ensure a good night’s sleep

Lara Prendergast on why we should all be perfectionists when it comes to beds

2 Jan 2019

Six of the best Christmas flower courses

Take your decorations up a notch by learning how to make stunning wreaths and festive floral arrangements

26 Nov 2018

Introducing Table Talk, a new podcast from Spectator Life

Prue Leith on the worst cake she ever made, why she hates washing up, and what she takes away from the Great British Bake Off

2 Nov 2018

How to do a proper royal wedding picnic

What to fill your hamper with for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day

15 May 2018

Trinny Woodall: ‘I’m a tough woman. I’m not a feminist’

Forgotten by TV, she has rebuilt her career on social media

25 Apr 2018

The perfect flowers for every Valentine

Where to buy your blooms for Valentine’s Day

9 Feb 2018

Ecole Lesage: The Embroidery School for Haute Couture

Inside Ecole Lesage, an artisan workshop that provides exquisite needlework for the top fashion houses

20 Sep 2017

10 of the best florists that deliver

Where to buy your blooms from

23 May 2017

The best posh Easter eggs

10 gourmet chocolate eggs to get stuck into

11 Apr 2017

A connoisseur’s guide to pork pies

From pubs and supermarkets to flash restaurants, pork pies have gone gourmet

6 Mar 2017

Valentine’s Day presents that actually convey true love

Buy these presents for your beloved and your dignity will remain fully intact

9 Feb 2017

The simple joy of cleaning

Many of our stresses can be soothed away by humdrum chores

4 Jan 2017

Can I find myself in Bali?

Like the protagonist in Eat, Pray, Love, I had visited Italy and India – but still felt somewhat lost. Is Bali the missing link?

10 Sep 2016

In defence of cheap mayonnaise

There’s a reason some of the most beloved items in our kitchen cupboards have survived so long.

26 Jul 2016

Summer calls for Pimm’s, not Aperol Spritz

At university we used to fill up paddling pools with the stuff. But where has Pimm’s gone this summer?

21 Jul 2016

Will these new apps be an Uber for eating?

EatAbout and Dish Next Door connect chefs and amateur cooks to hungry diners, cutting out the restaurant trade entirely

5 Jun 2016

We really are screwed if we believe that social media can curse us

It’s easy to scoff at the voodoo mindset of ‘funny foreigners’, but are we really in a position to laugh?

11 Jun 2015

Glass distinction

Was it the Russians? The Saudis? Or Elton John, who once received a florist’s bill for £293,000? Someone’s to blame…

28 Mar 2015