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Jeremy Clarke writes the The Spectator Low Life column.

Monks at Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh

Words apart in the Himalayan desert

You’ll need a new vocabulary for the stunning Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh

On Buddhism — and Keith Vaz

Last week in Ladakh I went panting from one Buddhist monastery to another. Culturally, racially and historically, Ladakh is Tibetan,…

A bit of Hardy’s Dorset in the Himalayas

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir This morning I was woken just before daylight by the clear ‘ting’ of a meditation bell.…

I don’t mind nudity but this was a step too far

A new footpath from the village down to the beach opened earlier this year to a great fanfare. It was…

What we thought of Tibetan Buddhism before we got soppy

Next week I am going to Ladakh, in northernmost India, so I’ve been reading up

I just don’t get the French

But I can still make a waitress smile

Single mums, I salute you: my grandsons are a full-time job

It’s hell writing this column while looking after two young boys

The best way to shag a sheep

And it doesn’t involve shoving its back legs down a pair of wellies

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Provencal-style

As I made my way to the bar for my eighth plastic cup of rosé — and counting — the entire audience thrust its pelvis at me

A bush fire nearly took our house – and our lives

Drinking gin and tonic as the flames encroach

How not to lay siege to a Frenchwoman

Sean may have been an unbelievable shagger but his approach workleft a lot to be desired

Danny fell 30 feet off a house and landed on his head: he voted remain…

…Trev was a leaver, and Tina thinks she might have voted to leave, but can’t remember

Here’s one thing that I know Donald Trump is right about

The vote to leave is a beautiful, beautiful thing

How to make an easy 20 grand by backing Trump

The White House man thought Trump a shoo-in for the presidency; the gambler cared only about the stakes

Zoplicone: drug of choice for monkeys and the French

With 3mg coursing through my bloodstream, I lay back and waited for my central nervous system to shut down

My manhood is hanging in the balance

Depending on the result of my recent blood test, my oncologist may halt my cancer hormone treatment

The French gym where kissing before a workout is mandatory

If someone was sitting astride a machine, the gym instructor kissed them and I followed suit

The members of White’s fall into two categories: shits and bores

And the shits largely fall into two categories: horrid shits and entertaining shits

French labour laws should come with a health warning

A worker is suing the government claiming that having nothing to do at work triggered depression and epilepsy

My old columns are a form of purgatory

I’d forgotten how boozed, drugged-up and clinically depressed I was but reading them brought it all back

My life in West Ham matches

My future prosperity depended on us beating Manchester United in the cup quarter final— but then we lost

Why gender fluidity will never take off in France

Given the prevalence of Desperate Dan lookalikes even the French left wouldn’t champion the idea that gender is a matter of choice

A game of chess with my grandson and a dead mouse

I took the dead mouse with a horse and handed it back to him. He threw the mouse down again

Walking, and praying, in the hills of Provence

While I was in Provence, my hostess and I went out one day for a walk in the hills. We…

Cheltenham has no brothels – I wonder why

I shared a cab with a stripper from Cardiff during the Cheltenham Festival