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4 Jan 2021

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26 May 2020

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11 May 2020

House buyers should be poised for the aftermath of Covid-19

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2 Apr 2020

Should you buy your car outright or use car finance?

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2 Mar 2020

Dear James: How do I save for a deposit on a house?

In a high-rent environment it can be difficult to save. James Max shares 12 tips for putting money aside each month.

10 Feb 2020

Where to invest in the property market in 2020

Look in commuter towns and along the new Elizabeth underground line for property that will grow in value.

22 Jan 2020

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Should you use an estate agent?

Yes. But hang on, it’s not that simple is it? Everything and everyone is being disrupted by tech. There is…

15 May 2019

Looking to buy your first London home? Go west, not east!

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23 Apr 2019