Don’t fall for the myth of ‘detox’ foods

Are they backed by genuine science or just a marketing ploy?

20 Aug 2020

Can having your DNA tested lead you to live a healthier life?

From a blood test to a stool analysis, measuring biochemical markers is a time-honoured way to assess health and enable…

17 May 2017

‘Broccoli cuts sugar cravings’: why fruit and vegetables need more hype

They don’t hold back, those scientists, do they? One minute it’s five a day and then, instead of a small…

29 Mar 2017
baby talk

‘Yummy veggies’? ‘Fun-size’ snacks? On healthy eating, let’s stop the baby talk

January is an odd time for nutrition professionals. Having been ignored and uninvited for most of December we find ourselves…

5 Jan 2017

The rise of the food fads: how plain old healthy eating got left behind

Change underpins fashion, rejecting what was then and replacing it with what is now. This is especially true in the…

30 Nov 2016

What to eat: Anyone for acid-free snake oil?

The alkaline diet, the raw diet, all kinds of craziness all over the internet… the only word for it is ‘nutribollocks’

20 Oct 2016

Don’t shrink our desserts, Jeremy Hunt, just tell us what’s in them

Is nothing sacred in the world of food? First we hear that farmed salmon has half the amount of omega-3…

14 Oct 2016

How to cut sugar intake without making your life miserable

Going sugar-free is de rigueur these days but going cold turkey won’t suit everyone. In my experience the complete avoidance…

3 Aug 2016

What you eat and drink can protect your skin from the sun

As a teenager in the late 1970s, a tan was the mark of a good holiday and the sun’s only…

27 May 2016

Is that label legal?

The EU has authorised only 256 specific claims about food and supplements… and rejected more than 1,500

5 May 2016

How do we know if supplements actually make a difference?

Vitamin and mineral supplements have been around for over a century now and, for some, they have become an integral…

30 Mar 2016

Will Britain ever embrace fermented food?

These foods don’t have to include a fungus that looks like it has been in the airing cupboard for weeks

18 Feb 2016

Down with superfoods! Dowdy foods can be just as super

Superfood, a term that has no legal or official meaning, is used to describe a food that is especially rich…

29 Jan 2016

I tried a ‘dry January’ — and now I can’t imagine ever drinking again

Alcohol is firmly woven into the fabric of society. It can bind people together, break down barriers and generally grease…

14 Jan 2016

Resist the green juice brigade. The detox is a delusion

The New Year detox is upon us in its many guises, and although we know that the entire premise is…

4 Jan 2016

Just how unhealthy is it to eat meat?

Depends on the meat

22 Oct 2015

Can you count to five?

Getting your ‘five a day’ has become a slogan as popular as any brands, but is it actually worthwhile?

9 May 2015

The power of protein

What are the first things that come to mind when you think about protein? Meat? Cheese? Muscle? Weight lifters? All…

21 Feb 2015

Super-local dining

Do you remember noni juice? No? Let me help you out. Noni, an exotic fruit, was proclaimed a superfood about…

22 Nov 2014

The Wonga diets

Imagine that you have a 21-year-old nephew or godson who has a problem managing his finances. In addition to a…

27 Sep 2014

Zero tolerance

There is an epidemic in parts of London that is in danger of engulfing communities, causing misery for schools, restaurateurs…

31 May 2014