In praise of ‘useless’ knowledge

Yes, it’s useful to know about health, sex and computers when you’re a grown-up. But these are things you learn about anyway

3 Sep 2020

A guide to public school rivalries

Barely a week goes by without one MP of a certain ilk making a quip about another’s schooling. Harry Mount shines a light on the complicated web of public school rivalries

12 Apr 2019
Brilliantly repurposed: Regent’s Canal by the new Central Saint Martins art school

Back on track

We shouldn’t be so smug about how rundown the Gare du Nord is — dirty, badly planned, with some of…

26 May 2018

Avoiding the steepest slopes in Verbier

Skiing here can be astoundingly expensive… or surprisingly affordable

29 Nov 2016

Fasten victim

Harry Mount asks why he now has to struggle to find a three-button suit

23 Mar 2016

Sloane dangers

The sad occurrence of the Pretend Sloane.

20 Jun 2015

How the Big Apple lost its bite

When Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, moved to New York from smalltown New Jersey in the late 1960s, you…

28 Mar 2015

Lovely Squares

There’s a surreal sight at the western entrance to the gardens of St James’s Square these days. An isolated set…

20 Sep 2014

Neighbourhood Watch

The terrific 1958 Peter Sellers skit ‘Balham, Gateway to the South’, written by Frank Muir and Denis Norden, has lost…

21 Jun 2014

Following In The Fitzgeralds’ Footsteps

Stand on the north shore of Long Island, in the little town of Great Neck, and — with a little imagination…

30 Mar 2013

Less Muck, more Brass

Staying near Zutphen, Holland, recently, I came across a remarkably untidy Dutch farmer. With his ripped silage bags and rusty…

23 Jun 2012