The sad demise of the office party

Online drinks cannot replace the tragicomedy of the real thing.

3 Dec 2020

The upside of Covid-19

A sense of peril could be exactly what young people need.

26 Aug 2020

It’s time to admit that Britain is spilling over the top of its jeans

The government has been timid on obesity but perhaps we need to be offended into taking action.

10 Jun 2020

The worst thing about lockdown TV? Wearing my wife’s makeup

People have asked me how it was performing with no laughter. Suffice to say, I’ve been there before.

14 Apr 2020

Home school is testing my mental agility more than I’d like

How do I explain what a hyphen is to my four year old?

26 Mar 2020

Don’t be a quarantine snob – just admit you love Netflix

There’s a hell of a lot of good TV my wife and I want to catch up on.

19 Mar 2020