Freddy Gray is deputy editor of The Spectator. He was formerly literary editor of The American Conservative.

Donald Trump serves the best food in Washington DC

It’s not fashionable to say so but the cheesecake lollipops and clothesline bacon served in the Trump International Hotel take some beating.

10 Feb 2020

The fad for non-alcoholic drinks overlooks one thing: they’re all disgusting

Are people so vulnerable to social pressure to get sloshed they must pretend to be drinking when they aren’t?

21 Feb 2018

A woman on a mission to keep the fine wine flowing

Lizzy Rudd, the new chairman of Berry Bros & Rudd, on the tricks of the wine trade, working with family and drinking responsibly

1 Dec 2017

Crypto-currency: risky as hell but worth a punt

‘I’m up 430 per cent,’ said my friend Mash, boasting about his investments in Bitcoin. I should have known then…

30 Sep 2017

Spread your bets on Theresa’s majority

Where’s all the unpredictability in politics gone? After the hubbub about a ‘crisis of liberalism’ and the thrills of punting…

27 May 2017

What to drink at Easter – if you gave up drinking for Lent

Staying off the booze during Lent is tougher than Dry January

12 Apr 2017

The Speculator: So far so good, but should I quit while I’m ahead?

In Spectator Money last November, I wrote about Equotion, an algorithm gambling service or ‘Sports Betting Disrupter’ which promises customers…

4 Mar 2017

Lloyd’s of London should be ashamed of itself for banning lunchtime drinking

Sack the drinkers who can’t behave themselves and leave the rest of the City’s thirsty workers to it

16 Feb 2017

The perfect white wines for winter

When it’s really cold, there is nothing better than a glass (or two) of white

2 Feb 2017

The Speculator: Will ‘big data’ turn out to be the punter’s new best friend?

Technology is making gambling more like stockbroking — and stockbroking more like gambling. Gamblers today often sound like City boys…

26 Nov 2016

The US election is a race without a clear favourite

He can’t win, can he? Really? The unthinkable idea of President Donald J. Trump is becoming a very real possibility.…

1 Oct 2016

Defending paedophile priests

Freddy Gray recalls his various humiliations as a media rent-a-gob

22 Sep 2016

Forget claret and California, Rhône is the ruler of the reds

Uncorking a bottle of rouge from the Rhône is the perfect way to celebrate International Grenache Day

16 Sep 2016

The glory of fairytale gambling

Wasn’t this year’s Premier League wonderful? The triumph of low-spending minnows Leicester City over megabucks bullies Man City, Man United,…

21 May 2016

Emma, darling, you made me bet on ‘leave’

As soon as I heard about Emma Thompson’s anti-Brexit rant the other week, I went online and bet as much…

5 Mar 2016

Cool rider

Electra’s Townie is at the top of my christmas list

11 Dec 2015

Trough oil: time to buy the black stuff

Right, here goes. I’m saying it. Now is the time to buy the black stuff. Yes, I know — people…

14 Nov 2015

Mad politics make betting fun

Never mind ‘Tories for Corbyn’: what about gamblers for Corbyn? We all know the new Labour leader was a 200-1…

3 Oct 2015

The strange world of Evgeny Lebedev

Private jets and elephants – London’s weirdest media tycoon

26 Sep 2015

Hole in one: golf’s hottest tipster

Why would anyone bet seriously on golf? It’s fun to have a little punt on the big tournaments — but…

23 May 2015

Hold your nose and back Team Ed

Political betting is serious business these days. About £10 million’s worth of bets were placed on the 2010 election; this year the…

7 Mar 2015

How I joined the gym cult

Something strange is happening to me. Instead of starting this piece, I have spent ten minutes exercising on my kitchen…

22 Nov 2014

Doing well by doing good

Have you heard about the Social Economy? It’s big stuff, apparently. Last year, it contributed more than £24 billion to…

8 Nov 2014

Experts cast doubt on statins – you read it first in Spectator Health

Statins are in the news – again. A few weeks ago, reports appeared across the media suggesting that statins truly…

11 Jun 2014

Life cycle

‘As a heads up,’ says Sir Chris Hoy’s PR lady in that breezy-yet-bossy voice that is public relations, ‘Chris doesn’t…

30 Mar 2014

Clothes force

Like many men, I’ve never got used to the idea that Mother doesn’t dress me any more. I tried in my…

30 Nov 2013