Between 1900 and 1940, a series of unstable Chinese regimes flooded global markets with bonds: this one is from 1911

Broken bonds

September’s annual IMF-World Bank meeting in Washington DC was a strange affair. Delegates fretted about Europe, about Brexit and, given…

4 Nov 2017
Bangkok’s MahaNakhon skyscraper, Thailand’s tallest building

The Tigers reawaken

Cast your mind back 20 years, to a very different world. It’s 1997: Bill Clinton is in his second term,…

30 Sep 2017

Can Macron deliver for investors?

An intelligent and driven centrist, young yet politically wise beyond his years — and with a track-record in business too…

27 May 2017

Buy high

At first glance Europe’s skiing industry, much loved by its aficionados and by far the world’s most advanced, would seem…

4 Mar 2017

Why aren’t we talking about China?

Every year in October, a group of investors, bankers and world leaders gather in Washington to discuss the year that…

26 Nov 2016
Don’t overlook ‘the positive all-round story’ of India: set to grow at 7 per cent per annum this year and next

Sifting for gems amid fading growth

The aura that once surrounded emerging -markets has dimmed lately. Of the original ‘Bric’ nations, the group that were supposed…

1 Oct 2016
Adapting to demographics: Harley-Davidson ‘hogs’ now have heated seats for older riders

Older means richer

I was having my hair cut when I first heard the term. Roxanne (pierced nose, two years out of ‘uni’)…

21 May 2016
Global brand: Nestlé of Switzerland ‘will still be selling chocolate in 100 years time’

The other side of the Alps

Switzerland has always been different: something of a sovereign interloper, the guest in the corner of a party that no…

5 Mar 2016
Posh crisps: private equity helped Tyrrells move upmarket

The patient capitalists: why private equity is a force for good

Bert Wiegman places two packages on the polished conference table in a third-floor office off Regent Street and leans back…

14 Nov 2015
Myth and modernity: China is feared and revered by the West

The next horizon

Given that the chaos which engulfed China over the summer included the bursting of the stock-market bubble, a double currency…

3 Oct 2015
Jack Ma of Alibaba: a new corporate rock star

Alibaba’s secrets

By any measure, the listing of Alibaba Group on the New York Stock Exchange in September was a whopper. It…

8 Nov 2014