The secret to treating Seasonal Affective Disorder

Could this simple Scandinavian treatment be the answer for SAD sufferers?

16 Nov 2020

How to tell if it’s a cold, flu or Covid

Dr Roger Henderson shares the key symptoms to look out for.

5 Oct 2020

Can eggs make you slim?

Dr Roger Henderson examines the evidence.

25 Sep 2020

The rise of the Zoom doctor

Can we really consign face-to-face appointments to history?

10 Aug 2020

What is dexamethasone and how can it be used to treat Covid-19?

Dexamethasone is a readily available steroid that is used to treat everything from asthma to croup.

17 Jun 2020
Dominic Cummings

Can Covid-19 affect your vision?

Dominic Cummings cited potential visual impairment as a side effect of the virus whilst defending his decision to drive to Barnard Castle. However, it is yet to be listed as an official symptom.

27 May 2020

10 symptoms you should not ignore during lockdown

Don’t be reluctant to seek medical help if you notice these changes in your health.

4 May 2020

Does JK Rowling’s Covid breathing technique work?

JK Rowling made headlines when she claimed a breathing technique had kept her COVID-19 symptoms from worsening.

8 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: is it dangerous to take ibuprofen?

After claims that ibuprofen worsens symptoms, Dr Roger Henderson takes a look at the evidence.

19 Mar 2020

How to avoid catching coronavirus on the tube

From face masks to hand hygiene – follow this 7-step guide from Dr Roger Henderson to reduce your risk of viral infection.

17 Feb 2020

Justin Bieber’s Lyme disease revelation shows why a quick diagnosis is vital

Lyme disease’s severest symptoms can be prevented if treatment is sought immediately after being bitten by an infected tick. Here’s what to look out for.

27 Jan 2020
Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus Spreads To Hong Kong

How to protect yourself against the China Coronavirus

These simple hygiene measures will be the most effective in slowing the spread of coronavirus.

23 Jan 2020

Five ways to improve your health in 2020

We all know we need to watch our diet and exercise more but here are some practical steps to help make your health goals achievable

3 Jan 2020

How is Leukaemia treated?

Clive James lived with bone marrow cancer for nearly 10 years and, in the later stages, was treated with a drug called ibrutinib

2 Dec 2019

Prince Andrew’s alleged sweating problem is rarely linked to trauma

This weekend’s Newsnight interview between Prince Andrew and Emily Maitlis has generated much coverage around the world, with several parts…

18 Nov 2019

Type 2 Diabetes: how to reduce the risk

Exercise and diet are key to reducing the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes

14 Nov 2019

PTSD: how can post traumatic stress disorder be treated?

PTSD can be treated years after exposure to trauma and yet two thirds of cases still go undiagnosed

4 Nov 2019

Are more people suffering from anxiety than in the past?

The rise of social media has compounded a health problem that has always existed

21 Oct 2019
Selena Gomez

Lupus disease: how Selena Gomez shone a light on a rare autoimmune disorder

This rare condition is notoriously difficult to diagnose and, as Selena Gomez has discovered, has far-reaching health consequences

1 Oct 2019

A bad flu season is overdue. Should we fear the ‘Aussie killer’?

As if the Australian cricket team rolling us over in the Ashes tests wasn’t bad enough, another export from the…

22 Dec 2017

How to spot the onset of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Juxtaposition can be an odd thing. This week I gave a diagnosis to a man who had been struggling with…

15 Dec 2017

Does heading a football cause brain damage?

I have a number of patients who used to be professional footballers at a high level in the 1950’s and…

30 Nov 2017

E-cigarettes work: I’d prescribe them if I could

As part of a debate I was involved with at the Conservative conference this week on public health policy and…

5 Oct 2017

Olivia Newton-John and what a breast cancer diagnosis means today

One of the health stories in the press last week was the announcement that the singer and actress Olivia Newton-John…

5 Jun 2017
Roger Moore

The many lives of Roger Moore: like Bond, he had long cheated death

The death of Sir Roger Moore aged 89 has saddened many men of a certain generation who believed that he…

25 May 2017

Prince Philip retires at 96 — what lies behind his remarkable longevity?

There have been many words written about Prince Philip in recent days following his announcement of retirement from public duties…

9 May 2017