A bad flu season is overdue. Should we fear the ‘Aussie killer’?

As if the Australian cricket team rolling us over in the Ashes tests wasn’t bad enough, another export from the…

22 Dec 2017

How to spot the onset of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Juxtaposition can be an odd thing. This week I gave a diagnosis to a man who had been struggling with…

15 Dec 2017

Does heading a football cause brain damage?

I have a number of patients who used to be professional footballers at a high level in the 1950’s and…

30 Nov 2017

E-cigarettes work: I’d prescribe them if I could

As part of a debate I was involved with at the Conservative conference this week on public health policy and…

5 Oct 2017

Olivia Newton-John and what a breast cancer diagnosis means today

One of the health stories in the press last week was the announcement that the singer and actress Olivia Newton-John…

5 Jun 2017
Roger Moore

The many lives of Roger Moore: like Bond, he had long cheated death

The death of Sir Roger Moore aged 89 has saddened many men of a certain generation who believed that he…

25 May 2017

Prince Philip retires at 96 — what lies behind his remarkable longevity?

There have been many words written about Prince Philip in recent days following his announcement of retirement from public duties…

9 May 2017
Ugo Ehiogu

Ugo Ehiogu: why do fit and healthy people suffer cardiac arrests?

The very sad death at the age of 44 of former England footballer Ugo Ehiogu has led many people to…

24 Apr 2017
hay fever

Hay fever season is upon us. Here’s how to escape pollen pain

It’s that time of year again when my surgery waiting room starts to fill up with people sneezing, rubbing their…

19 Apr 2017
Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness: amyloidosis was the bullet he could not dodge

When Martin McGuinness announced in January that he was standing down from politics because of his health, few people were…

22 Mar 2017
kim jong-nam

VX nerve agent and Kim Jong-nam: a murder that doesn’t add up

Even Ian Fleming would have balked at getting James Bond involved in the plot. Half-brother of half-mad dictator gets attacked…

27 Feb 2017
Donald Trump

What I’d say to Donald Trump if I were his doctor

In case you’ve just returned from a nearby planet, there’s been some mention in the news recently of the newly…

13 Feb 2017
John Hurt

John Hurt and pancreatic cancer: why it’s such a bleak disease to face

The sad loss of John Hurt last week from pancreatic cancer chalks yet another one up to the bad guy.…

2 Feb 2017
George Michael

Why did George Michael’s heart fail?

There is still a huge amount of speculation about the exact reason George Michael died at the early age of…

28 Dec 2016
father christmas

Dear Father Christmas: your work life is harming your health

Dear Father Christmas, I was pleased to see you again at your annual health check, which we always do prior…

23 Dec 2016

Norovirus: your guide to the bug that spells trouble this winter

It’s getting to that time of year when my surgery starts to get full of people with coughs, colds and…

9 Dec 2016

Why thunderstorms can be deadly for asthma sufferers

One of the health currencies I see every day in my surgery is asthma, with sufferers having symptoms ranging from…

2 Dec 2016
NHS email

Don’t despair at the NHS email crash. A new dawn is round the corner

It started with a single email saying ‘Test’ on it just after I had begun my morning surgery earlier this…

16 Nov 2016
Bruce Forsyth

How a bad fall saved Bruce Forsyth’s life

Bruce Forsyth is a national treasure but, like many 87-year-olds, has an occasional fall. When he had one late last…

14 Nov 2016

High pressure tactics

If I were to ask you to name a health problem that affects around seven million people in the UK…

20 Oct 2016

Prostate cancer test: Ben Stiller says it saved his life, but here’s why top doctors avoid it

The American actor and director Ben Stiller said last week that a simple blood test saved his life from prostate…

11 Oct 2016

Steven Woolfe: the danger of a single blow to the head

There is still much to be made public about the so-called ‘altercation’ between Ukip MEPs Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem,…

7 Oct 2016

Terry Jones’s dementia: a cruel fate for a man who found so much joy in words

Along with many people brought up on a diet of Monty Python, I was greatly saddened to hear that Terry…

26 Sep 2016

Theresa May: the first prime minister with a discreet need for jelly babies

To say that British politics is in a state of flux is rather like saying an otter’s pocket is a…

12 Jul 2016

Botox has changed the lives of my patients. But not by changing their looks

If someone mentions the word ‘Botox’ to you, I suspect the first image it conjures up is of people desperately…

21 Jun 2016

Prince: killed by a painkiller far more potent than heroin

So now we know what killed Prince. He died trying to control the pain in his hips that had become…

9 Jun 2016