Douglas Murray is Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and an author, most recently of Islamophilia.

Four defences of free speech that everyone should read

Every generation, and individual, has to rediscover the arguments for free speech for themselves.  Some people learn from major incidents.  Some when…

6 Feb 2020

A voyage of discovery

To avoid the misery of air travel, Douglas Murray travelled to New York by sea

21 Feb 2018
Ben Shapiro

Inside the intellectual dark web

Thanks to the internet, millions now have access to views mainstream media considers ‘forbidden’. Douglas Murray examines the freethinkers leading the charge

21 Feb 2018

Why Tories get a hard time on the Beeb

Every conservative hack has a horror story about appearing on television

26 Sep 2015

Masters at work

The apprentice is back! No, not another series of the transatlantic TV show starring blowhards with bad hair, but the…

21 Jun 2014

The art of war

In November 1943, when it looked like London was going to be subjected to a new aerial barrage from Nazi…

30 Nov 2013