The Ten Commandments of University Challenge

Relive some of the show’s best moments with these simple dos and don’ts.

20 Apr 2020

10 songs that shaped the decade: from Sia to Stormzy

The political events of the last 10 years are best remembered through the songs we were listening to at the time

26 Dec 2019

How to get rid of email

While many of us are burdened by the fullness of our inboxes, the young are turning their backs on the email altogether

28 Aug 2019

Why algorithms are destroying the music industry

Ed Sheeran made his name through live gigs but now it’s algorithms that determine who and what we listen to

24 Jun 2019

How the Cabinet might spend their holidays

Will the PM be using her free time to do some walking or cooking?

24 Jul 2018

What’s in a surname?

The history of British surnames offers a fascinating insight into our collective heritage

28 Dec 2017

How Brass Eye skewered our hysterical media age

Two decades after it first aired, no other satire has come close to matching Chris Morris’s prescient masterpiece

30 Oct 2017

An ancient history of heavy drinking

From competitive boozing to stomach-churning hangover cures, the Greeks and Romans knew how to get stuck in

4 Sep 2017

Let’s stop pointing our camera phones at every single thing

If you’re lucky enough to see something truly remarkable, keep your phone in your pocket

26 Jun 2017

10 commandments for the public house

The perfect pub should provide an alcohol-abetted escape from the modern world

10 May 2017

Why I’ve written my last Latin tattoo

A Cambridge classicist on a trend he helped to fuel, and why he wants it to end

23 Mar 2017

The death of the album has been exaggerated

The remarkable resurgence of vinyl shows there’s life in the LP yet

7 Mar 2017

WH Smith has become a national embarrassment

The legacy of a once great chain has been frittered away

14 Dec 2016

42 peaks, 67 miles, all in 24 hours… can I conquer Britain’s greatest outdoor challenge?

The Lake District’s Bob Graham Round defeated me three times in one year. Now it’s time for one more try.

7 Nov 2016