Damian Thompson is an associate editor of The Spectator

The battle for the finest cathedral choir in the Catholic church

Westminster Cathedral Choir School is embroiled in the nastiest row in its 118-year history

12 Mar 2020

Should you sign off an email with an ‘x’?

Communication can be a perilous business in our digital age and nowhere is this more true than emails

16 Oct 2019

How rude can you be on social media?

Can an online comment wreck a real life friendship or are we thicker skinned when staring at a screen?

22 Aug 2019

Ant McPartlin’s painkiller problem shows us the future of addiction

So Ant McPartlin, one half of Ant and Dec, has disappeared into rehab in order to address his addiction to…

22 Jun 2017

The perils of a potent painkiller: my stupid run-in with Tramadol

Prescription painkillers are now more widely used in the United States than tobacco, the Washington Post reported this month. Thirty-five…

30 Sep 2016

‘Vomit up your past’: a truly sick-making ‘detox cure’ for addicts

Puke your guts up in order to keep off drugs. Honestly, I thought the detox industry was incapable of surprising…

9 Mar 2016

What went wrong with the Brooks Brothers shirt?

The classic button-down is no more – unless you know where to look

30 Nov 2015

Soon, dementia homes will be full of old people. Visiting their parents

‘How can we ensure that ageing societies are more prosperous societies?’ That’s the question posed by the latest Charles Street…

18 Nov 2015

My battle with the demon drink – ‘healthy’ freshly squeezed orange juice

‘Sugar is your enemy’, said a doctor friend as I was complaining about my waistline, still 35 inches despite a health…

23 Aug 2015

Acupuncture: how its supporters move the goalposts

I’ve always been suspicious of acupuncture. I had it once, and although the needles didn’t bother me the garbage being…

6 Jul 2015

Woman dies from measles in America. Take a bow, anti-vaxxers

This article from Slate reports that a woman in Washington State has died from measles – the first death from…

3 Jul 2015

Now John Noakes has Alzheimer’s. Is there no hope of curing this disease?

For people of my age, the news that John Noakes has Alzheimer’s is terribly poignant. He was the daredevil of Blue…

1 Jul 2015

Eating ‘organic’ food is like keeping Kosher. It’s about piety, not taste

What fun to read in the Mail today that volunteers in an experiment couldn’t tell the difference between organic, ‘ethically sourced’ products…

24 Jun 2015

Pharmacies should ‘strip homeopathy from their shelves’, says Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Professor Jayne Lawrence FFRPS FRPharmS, Chief Scientist of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is unlikely to be invited to dinner at Highgrove any…

21 Jun 2015

A Bullingdon for feminists

The rise of the organised Proper Feminists.

20 Jun 2015

Roll of shame: MPs who back homeopathy fan David Tredinnick for chair of Commons Health Committee

The list of supporters for a man who believes that a full moon can cause internal bleeding.

8 Jun 2015

The white-knuckle terror of being driven by a dopehead

‘Hidden menace of the drivers high on drugs,’ says the headline in today’s Daily Mail, revealing that – according to…

25 May 2015

Charles’s ‘spider letters’: The Guardian falls for the pseudoscience of graphology

The Prince of Wales’s ‘spider letters’ are out today – his letters to government ministers written or annotated in his distinctive…

13 May 2015

Porn and video games: more hysteria about ‘rewiring brains’

Here we go again. What effect do you think watching porn and video games have on young men? Yup, they…

11 May 2015

I know I shouldn’t ask this, but is cocaine really that addictive?

Cocaine addiction is a dreadful thing. I’ve seen it so many times: bright, once-pretty people with washed-out grey faces who…

9 Apr 2015

We don’t think of highly gifted people as mentally disabled. Perhaps we should

I’m intrigued by this recent study suggesting that intellectual gifts and learning disabilities, far from lying on opposite ends of a…

4 Apr 2015

Muslims, Jews and Christians use identical twins to ‘prove’ homosexuality isn’t genetic

The subject of identical twins has been on my mind ever since I read a magnificently creepy thriller called Ice…

28 Mar 2015

Snobbery with violence

The ginger-haired man in the three-piece suit had been standing at the bar all night, ordering gin and tonics in a proprietorial…

28 Mar 2015

America declares war on e-cigarettes. But it’s an ideological battle, not a medical one

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have launched a wildly expensive campaign against e-cigarettes because… well, I can’t really…

27 Mar 2015

Solved at last: the mystery of David Cameron’s generous waistline

Why is the Prime Minister inviting everyone into his kitchen, asks Isabel Hardman. Good question. Doesn’t he realise that for…

18 Mar 2015

Ritalin is a fun drug. That’s why it’s crazy to be handing it out to millions of kids

The weekend brought yet another warning by an American website about Ritalin. Addiction.org wants people to know about the dangers of…

16 Mar 2015