Forget New Year’s resolutions. Embrace your genetic trajectory

Are New Year’s resolutions pointless? This question gripped me over Christmas, as I tucked into the book of behavioural geneticist,…

9 Jan 2019

Mental health awareness may do more harm than good

In recent years there has been a huge obsession with children’s mental health. Frequently the public is told that youngsters…

1 Aug 2018

A culinary adventure in Cambodia

From tarantulas to red tree ants, the cuisine of Cambodia throws up some wild options

14 May 2018

We shouldn’t teach children about mental health

Is it necessary for children as young as eight to understand mental health? I’m not convinced, having worked with children…

12 Sep 2017

Google was wrong to fire James Damore – the brains of men and women are different

This week, a Google employee reignited a huge debate on whether there are sex differences in the brain – simply…

9 Aug 2017

Corbynistas believe in socialism, until the bill arrives

Young people are too stingy to be socialist

12 Jul 2017

Career women don’t have time to eat healthily. Did feminism make me fat?

Was it the prosecco that did it? Or was it the cheesy chips that made me fat? I often ask myself…

13 Jun 2017
millennial, instagram, social media, work

Give millennials a break. We’ve had it hard enough

Older generations should remember how much millennials have had to put up with

20 Feb 2017
sex education

Sex education isn’t helping young people. It’s harming them

For too long, governments have been obsessed with the notion that young people need more sex education, not less. The…

17 Feb 2017
Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s clean living cult is a danger to your brain

This year I’ve been trying so hard not to be fat that I completely overlooked the new health trend: clean…

24 Jan 2017

Of course women are angry drivers. We share the roads with men

A new study claims women are more prone to road rage than men

21 Oct 2016

Forget the fashion for flat shoes, high heels empower short women like me

51 per cent of women prefer flats, but heels are still vital to many

4 Oct 2016

When did it become a crime to be rude to waiters?

It has become a modern faux pas

15 Aug 2016

Intense exercise is wrecking our bodies — as my crushed pinky can testify

As I write this, my little finger is withering away. It has been pushed around, crushed to death by a…

26 Jul 2016

Who will love a Brexiteer?

Charlotte Gill is unlucky in love on ‘Remain-heavy’ Tinder

25 Jul 2016

How did we become so blasé about sperm donation?

It’s a tricky thing asking for your money back when you’ve bought a baby. But some couples have tried to…

20 Apr 2016

The high-horse brigade can get stuffed. Joan Bakewell had a point

You can’t do an interview these days without someone trying to catch you out. This week it was the turn…

15 Mar 2016

Don’t bore with the gore: why we need to stop talking about periods

We need to stop talking about periods. Period. They’re a topic up there with climate change — because, let’s face…

2 Mar 2016