Could you sleep with someone who voted for Brexit?

There’s a whole new hazard to contend with in the dating game

28 Nov 2018

Stop talking! Men who overshare are not seductive

Do I look like a woman who relishes too much information?

19 Sep 2018

My ‘Cat Person’ memories

The hit New Yorker story reassured me I was not alone in making bad decisions about who to sleep with

13 Jun 2018

Why single people are the best keepers of secrets

I’m a great confidante. Most single people are

25 Apr 2018

Want to be asked out? Then stop staying in

Like so many others, my divorced friend found ‘The One’ at a party she almost didn’t go to

21 Feb 2018

Evening classes or running clubs are no way to meet a man – so stop telling me they are

Pottery courses up and down the country are full only of women who have been advised to go to bloody pottery classes

29 Nov 2017

Singles-only parties should be disastrous. They’re actually divine

Guests are there for the craic – and the relief of all being in the same boat together

20 Sep 2017

I’m at my wit’s end with dating

Men like funny women – they just don’t want to sleep with them

14 Jun 2017

The mystery of the disappearing men

On falling victim to the infuriating practice of ‘ghosting’

23 Mar 2017

Montana manhunt

Going way out west, I’m charmed by a cowboy desperado

3 Nov 2016

Appless victims: when no sex is better than soulless Tinder sex

We baby-boomers just look old and desperate and are swiped into oblivion.

6 Oct 2016

My epic fail with wide-boy Dale

What I want is a lovely, funny man. What I get is a portly and pompous Donald Trump fan

11 Jun 2016

On with the slap in the hope I’ll be tickled

An invitation when I least expected it… how could I refuse?

23 Mar 2016

I don’t want to hear about your brag ladies

Why do men try to impress me with claims about all the brilliant, beautiful women already fighting over them?

5 Dec 2015

How I turned into Mrs Robinson

I have a choice between much older men, married men and younger men. It’s a no-brainer

26 Sep 2015