Camilla Swift is Supplements Editor at The Spectator

Gallop to Goodwood: Time is of the essence

Ah, bank holiday Monday. A day for lie-ins and breakfast in bed – and even better, in May, we get…

8 Jul 2016

Heady times as the great hat revival takes off

Everyday headgear is no longer the exclusive realm of the eccentric and attention-seeking

11 Jun 2016

Has the Foxes’ magic started to fade?

Perhaps – you certainly won’t see them in tomorrow’s Queen’s Cup final

10 Jun 2016
Pay it forward: Sir Philip Green donated the kiss from Kate Moss that he bought for £60,000 to Jemima Khan

Winning bids

The Conservative party’s Black and White Ball is a lavish, billionaire-laden affair. Tickets can cost up to £1,500, with guests…

21 May 2016

A fizzy new sponsor for the world of three-day eventing

Pol Roger have a long history of sponsoring exciting, and sometimes somewhat eccentric events – from real tennis to horse…

18 Mar 2016
Volatile proposition: bitcoin has plunged from its 2013 peak

Solving the bitcoin mystery

 bitcoin/ n. A type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of…

5 Mar 2016
Because I’m worth it: an art deco emerald and diamond necklace sold for over £300,000 at Christie’s in 2007

Sparkling value

We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But what can they do for your investment portfolio? Jewels have…

14 Nov 2015

A toast to grape Britain

A Prosecco shortage? Maybe try Grape Britain.

23 Jun 2015

More yoga than lap-dancing

Why would any female graduate ever want to work on a City trading floor? Lots do, of course, and very…

23 May 2015
Save for a home I’ll never afford? I’d rather go shopping

Generation Spendthrift

Your first pay packet, in your first ‘proper’ job, almost seems like a miracle. So much money, coming straight into…

7 Mar 2015
That’ll do nicely — but today’s black cards carry more kudos

Cards that choose you

When I was quite a lot younger, I was seriously impressed by a friend’s bank card. It wasn’t the fact…

8 Nov 2014

Mountain High

Prettier than the French Alps, closer than the States, credited with being the home of modern slalom skiing, and with…

1 Dec 2012