The patient advocate

Miriam Rivas-Aguilar is the chief operating officer OF Patient Opinion

Is that stuff on the inside of drink cans doing us all harm?

It’s called BPA and though there’s no hard evidence against it, lots of people are worried

The campaigner

Felicity Allman is a spokeswoman on mental health issues

Health campaigners slam government’s child obesity report

It’s nowhere near tough enough and has been watered down by the food industry, they claim

Perk up your day at the Death Café

Everything is better with cake – even a frank discussion about your own demise

Jamie Murray talks doubles victories and his delight at being an uncle

Taking up tennis was ‘inevitable’ — and he and younger brother Andy were always competitive

Did you know?

NHS England deals with more than 1 million patients every 36 hours, from repeat prescriptions and routine screening to accident…

The nurse

Helen Donovan is professional lead for public health nursing at the Royal College of Nursing

Will it take a tax break to make you eat your five-a-day?

It’s one of the more radical solutions proposed as the cost of caring for the obese soars even higher

After decades of seemingly perpetual crisis, can the NHS survive?

We talk to health professionals and campaigners about the furture of the health service

How long can you expect to live…

… and will you be healthy enough to enjoy it: the statistics tell all

The lecturer

Dr Adam Greenstein is a senior clinical lecturer in cardiovascular medicine at the University of Manchester

Health myths: Is running on a soft surface better for your body?

As a form of exercise, running can deliver a wealth of health benefits. One study revealed that regular jogging increases the life expectancy of men by 6.2 years, and women by 5.6 years. But Benenden asks – does the surface you run on make a difference?

Seven apps to transform your life

Losing weight, moving more or drinking less — whatever your fitness or health goal, there’s probably an app for it

Health myths: Does warm milk help you sleep?

While it is often associated with helping babies and children reach the land of nod, Benenden examines whether drinking the white stuff at bedtime really makes a difference

Six budget-friendly ingredients for good health

Nutritional therapist Lowri Turner shares her top ingredients for healthy eating on a budget with Benenden

Seven reasons to walk more

Ditch the car or bus and take to the pavements and pathways instead. You’ll probably see some of these benefits pretty soon…

Health of the nation

How well does the average British family eat?