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The new show needs to throw caution to the wind if it’s going to succeed.

6 Aug 2020

9 statues that are ripe for removal

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17 Jun 2020

Five fighting films to see you through lockdown

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12 May 2020

What will Boris call his baby? 11 names we hope make the cut

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30 Apr 2020

Would you pay $2,500 to attend a race education dinner party?

The rise of ‘Race to dinner’ in America has exposed an absurd appetite amongst the Western elites to atone for their unconscious bias

5 Feb 2020

A Trumpian guide to the Middle East

The Middle East is a complicated place, folks. It’s very big, very east, lotta bad guys out there – here’s what you need to know.

27 Jan 2020

4 alternative ways to leave the EU

Perhaps it’s time to think outside the box on Brexit

22 Oct 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s style guide for the nation

From emojis to ‘like’, It’s high time we all took a leaf out of Rees-Mogg’s expansive style book and brushed up on our own use of language

30 Jul 2019

Be kind to millennials: you may end up working for them

“Be nice to nerds,” said the author Charles Sykes, “you may end up working for them.” It’s often misattributed to…

14 May 2019

Call him Boris: a guide to naming the royal baby

When I was born, my mother wanted to call me Ruskin. My father wouldn’t allow this, believing that other children…

8 May 2019

How to stage a naked protest

Taking one’s clothes off in the name of politics is back in fashion: here’s a guide on how to do it properly

18 Apr 2019

Spend the weekend in…Prague

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11 Apr 2019

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2 Apr 2019

Six signs you’re suffering from millennial burnout

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26 Mar 2019

Brexit Fatigue: a diagnosis

Brexit fatigue is sweeping the nation. Here are the signs and symptoms to watch out for

4 Mar 2019

Brexit: what your drink says about your politics

If you are ever in doubt about a person’s europhilia or euroscepticism, look no further than the drink in their hand

6 Feb 2019

Sexless cars: why no man will ever pull in a Prius

Cars are extensions of their owners, and today’s are the automotive equivalent of abstinence

29 Jan 2019

Wellness: it’s a way of life

Embrace booze, carbs and caffeine in 2019 to bring out the new you

17 Jan 2019

12 items to stockpile for a No-Deal Brexit

Quick! Forget the cans of beans and snap up your Iberico ham, Hermes scarves and French wine before the tariffs arrive.

10 Dec 2018