The rise of the royal pooch

Showing off your canine is the oldest PR trick in the book.

26 Nov 2020

A love letter to cafés

Where can we go now to escape the humdrum and the domestic?

12 Nov 2020

The rise of the FDOTUS – First Dog of The United States

Joe Biden will be bringing a dog into the White House once again – and it’s a savvy political move.

2 Nov 2020

What does your choice of dog say about you?

Sales of puppies have soared during lockdown but why are we flocking towards certain breeds?

13 Oct 2020

The secret joy of dog walking

People are queueing up to borrow my German Shorthaired Pointer Percy.

23 Sep 2020

An illicit trip to France was just the tonic I needed

Not only did I have the place to myself, I was an object of fascination to the French.

3 Sep 2020