How to do the perfect push up (now it’s become a craze)

First we had the ice bucket challenge. This time round social media has revived the ancient bodyweight exercise of the…

27 Sep 2016

A few stretches won’t do it. Here’s how to really protect yourself from injury

Flexibility training, which for most people means stretching, is very important but also widely misunderstood. Because of this, it is…

15 Sep 2016

What ‘core strength’ actually means and how you can build it

Theresa May is an unlikely fitness celebrity but last week she was praised for ‘incredible core strength’ after a particularly…

19 Jul 2016

Here are five easy stretches that can reduce lower back pain

Many people suffer from lower back pain. I’ve had to deal with it myself. It is a consequence of being…

14 Jul 2016

Too busy to exercise? Here is how to make a few minutes in the gym count

In my experience the most common barrier to good health is a hectic and stressful work life. An extremely busy…

23 Jun 2016

Are you weighing yourself wrong? Make the scales your friend, not your enemy

For many people the scales are seen as the enemy. But used correctly they are a powerful ally in keeping…

2 Jun 2016
Personal trainer Andy Pilides prepares for a lift

Weight training is for everyone, not just grunting muscle men

Combine it with a cardio routine to boost your fitness or shed pounds

5 May 2016