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5 Jan 2021

Seven classic Christmas films to rewatch this year

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22 Dec 2020

The best heist films to watch this weekend

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26 Nov 2020

Ten classic children’s books to buy for Christmas

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20 Nov 2020

The best films that were panned by the critics

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17 Nov 2020

The best films starring Helena Bonham Carter

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3 Nov 2020

The most suspenseful scenes in cinema

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27 Oct 2020

Six detective films to watch this weekend

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16 Oct 2020

Cinema’s most iconic shoot-outs

Ever since one of the first films ever made, 1903’s The Great Train Robbery, ended with the image of a…

8 Oct 2020

Seven films with iconic battle scenes

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2 Oct 2020

Six socially distant alternatives to Oktoberfest

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1 Oct 2020

Seven films with classic car chases

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24 Sep 2020

Six spy films to watch this weekend

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11 Sep 2020

Six sequels that outdo the original film

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4 Sep 2020

Back to the future: the best films about time travel

Time travel and cinema have always made for a perfect pairing.

27 Aug 2020

The rise of the prequel: from X-men to Hannibal

A good prequel can offer new and unexpected twists on familiar characters.

14 Aug 2020

The best crime shows on Netflix

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13 Aug 2020

The best road trip films to watch this summer

Whether you’re roaming free or staying put this summer, these classic movies capture the thrill of life on the road.

4 Aug 2020

Les grandes vacances: six novels that will take you to France

Wherever you are this summer, you can still hop across La Manche.

30 Jul 2020

Rule Britannia: six of the best films about royals

No other institution has the same glamour and pageantry attached to it.

17 Jul 2020

7 Christopher Nolan films to watch while you wait for Tenet

This August, if all is well, Christopher Nolan’s eleventh film, Tenet, will be released in cinemas around the world. The…

29 Jun 2020

Six films inspired by true events

Truth is stranger than fiction, as the old adage has it.

23 Jun 2020

Six iconic films about protest

These films all deal, in entirely different ways, with questions of oppression and the ways in which people speak out and act against it.

8 Jun 2020

Six geopolitical thrillers to watch this weekend

We bring you our go-to movies for globe-hopping politics.

5 Jun 2020
Credit: Photo by Fox Searchlight/New Regency/Le Grisbi/Kobal/Shutterstock (5885850i)

Six superhero films with a highbrow edge

Even as we experience a momentary hiatus from the onslaught of superhero films, it is hard not to feel that…

13 May 2020

The best biopics to watch this spring

The correlation between Oscar wins and biopics has always been strong – here’s our pick of the best star turns.

23 Apr 2020