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    Wines of the week: try a Chilean red from a renowned winemaker

    6 September 2019

    2017 Calvet Muscadet, 11.5%vol, (£5.95; Sainsbury’s)

    At a shade under six quid, this is pretty much the cut-off point below which I would beg wine lovers never to venture unless they’re looking for something with which to cook or erase stubborn stains. This, though, ain’t half bad. Lively and invigorating with whistle clean green apple and lemon fruit and a long refreshing finish, it makes a very decent aperitif especially when bolstered by a slug of cassis.

    2016 Errazuriz Coastal Series Pinot Noir, 13.5%vol, (£10.99; Waitrose)

    Francisco Baettig is a supremely gifted winemaker who oversees the vast Errazuriz range from entry level to the sublime ‘icon’ wines of Chile: Viñedo Chadwick and Seña, both of which should be in the cellar of any serious wine collector. This entry level Aconcagua Valley Pinot is a real charmer – light, easy-going, fresh with ripe/sour cherry notes and the softest of tannins.

    2017 Disznókó Dry Furmint, 13%vol, (£13.95; Lea & Sandeman)

    Furmint is used to make the great sweet wines of Tokaj, Hungary’s greatest gift to the world. Recently, however, thanks to sweet wines not being as popular as they darn well should be, winemakers have been making dry wines with huge success. Indeed, dry Furmint is all the rage and this is as fine example as you’ll find, with hints of peach and apple and a long, tasty, mineral finish.