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    Wines of the week: perfect for a BBQ

    5 July 2019

    Vina Araya Moscatel de Valencia NV (15%vol.)

    This is delightfully, giggle-makingly tasty and ridiculously modestly priced. A luscious sweet wine from Spain, it’s glorious on its own well chilled as a mid-morning or post-prandial treat and is perfect for soaking strawberries or peaches in for a delicious pudding. I’ve never come across such a delicious wine at such a daft price and I’ve no idea how they sell it so cheaply.
    Sainsbury’s, £4.75 


    2016 Wolfberger Gewurztraminer (13%vol.) 

    An absolutely pitch-perfect Alsace Gewurztraminer from one of the region’s finest co-operatives and one of the largest too, producing some 13m bottles a year. A decadently heady, lychee-laden aroma is followed in the mouth by spicy ripe fruit, initially sweet but finishing perfectly dry. It’s full flavoured for sure, but ultimately hugely refreshing too. One of my essential go-to summer wines.
    Co-op, £9.25


    2015 Barry & Sons Clare Valley Shiraz (14%vol.)

    I’ve long been an admirer of Jim Barry Wines (what wine-loving cricket fan doesn’t lap up the Cover Drive Cabernet?) and this a real cracker. A full-throttle Aussie Shiraz, it’s not what you might call subtle, being crammed with rich dark fruit, jam, spice and liquorice. But it’s beautifully put together and spot on for the barbie.
    Tanners, £12.00 (down from £13.50, for 3 bottles or more until July 18th)