What to look forward to in the next issue of Spectator Health – out on Thursday

    29 April 2016

    The new issue of Spectator Health is out on Thursday 5 May. There’s a fantastic array of articles to look forward to. Here’s the editor, Max Pemberton, on what you can expect. The magazine will come free with your next copy of The Spectator, and will also be available to read online at

    Dawn Harper, who is a GP based in the Cotswolds as well as one of the presenters of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and a resident doctor on This Morning, makes an impassioned plea about the nation’s health on behalf of the NHS. She’s particularly concerned about obesity and what it’s doing to the nation’s long-term health, as well as the viability of our health service.

    I’m sure many of you will be happy to read journalist Laura Freeman’s article on the power of napping. For years it was thought that getting some shut-eye during the day disrupted our natural sleep pattern and should be avoided. But new research suggests that it can provide many physical health benefits as well as improving our mental powers.

    Health midline banner May 2016X-rays and other types of scans are now a routine part of medical investigation. But they can cause a lot of confusion — many people assume an MRI scan is superior to a CT, for example. So we asked Dr John Giles, consultant radiologist and medical director for Benenden, to provide an expert overview of the most commonly prescribed scans.

    We also have a moving and inspirational article on surviving cancer by Professor J. Meirion Thomas, based on his years of work in oncology surgery.

    If you are one of the thousands of people who spend their time in the gym on the cross-trainer or running machine in your battle to beat the bulge, fitness instructor and personal trainer Andy Pilides has a message for you. He explains why many people are getting it wrong when they concentrate on cardio to lose weight. Instead, he advocates combining it with weight training for the greatest effect.

    And of course we also have all our regular columnists, including Tom Chivers, Theodore Dalrymple, Christine Webber and David Delvin, Ian Marber and Maureen Lipman.