The Wish List

    23 June 2012



    01 Ministry chronograph in rose gold, £16,950, DENT; 02 ALT1-C, £3,945, BREMONT; 03 Limited-edition rose gold watch with crocodile strap, £11,000, WILLIAM & SON; 04 Swordfish chronograph with blue crocodile strap, £7,120, GRAHAM; 05 Regent Blue Velvet with diamonds and sapphires, £49,290, BACKES & STRAUSS.


    06 Gold, ruby and diamond earrings, £1,250, HUMPHREY BUTLER; 07 Jubilee eternity ring with diamonds, sapphires and rubies, £2,350, NIGEL MILNE; 08 Honeysuckle necklace, £140,000, BOODLES; 09 Woodland charm bracelet in yellow gold, £18,000, ASPREY; 10 Trefoil key in white gold with diamond and ruby chain, £7,825, THEO FENNELL;
    11 Edwardian diamond and ruby cluster ring, £4,900; 12 Diamond Yorkshire Regimental brooch, £2,800, both HUMPHREY BUTLER 13 White gold and diamond fringe necklace, POA; 14 Platinum, sapphire and white diamond ring, POA; 15 Burma wildflower earrings with pink diamonds and rubies, POA, all DAVID MORRIS; 16 Spinel beetle pendant, £3,800, BOODLES. Cupcakes provided by the Hummingbird Bakery.