The return of the drive-in movie: find a cinema near you

    10 June 2020

    In a new landscape of social-distancing, where safety is paramount, the film industry is adapting. The natural solution is one of cinema’s oldest incarnations: the drive in. So, get nostalgic, maybe brush up on your rendition of ‘Sandy’ from Grease, and check out your nearest screening.

    The Drive In, Edmonton

    The Drive In, Edmonton

    Opening on the 4thJuly, The Drive In is a reliving the magic of the old-school America Drive In with a nostalgia-fest like no other. Though it strives to relive the good-old-days of the 1950s drive in experience, everything about The Drive In is thoroughly modern and- especially pertinent to the age of Covid19- contact free. Sound automatically connects to the radio in your car, so that audio issues will not be a problem. Visibility is also not limited, important thanks to some 11am showtimes, as the screen is LED.

    All cars are parked two metres apart, all food and drink is ordered on the app, and will be delivered safely by fully-trained socially-distanced staff who are, naturally, in full 1950s’ gettup and all NHS and Care Workers get free tickets. The line-up is sterling, with cult classics like Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing and Bad Boys as well as new titans like Get Out and 1917. Plus, of course, there is the ultimate drive-in movie Grease. All together now:stranded at the drive iiiiinnnn.

    Cinestock, West Sussex

    Cinestock, West Sussex

    With dates and full schedule of films to be released soon, Cinestock is offering a drive-in cinema with a twist- its indoors. Everything will be socially-distanced and safety is their highest concern. With everyone within their own cars, Cinestock will be offering more of their previous drive in cinema greats as well as COMEDY IN CARS; the first ever stand-up comedy at a drive in! Keep all hands and laughter inside your vehicle at all times. Stay tuned for more details.

    At the drive-in, National Tour

    This sells itself on being a ‘drive-in experience’ as opposed to merely just a drive in, and it certainly offers that. Besides films, there will be stand-up comedy, silent discos, family games and food and snack delivery- all contact free of course! The Drive In experience will be touring the country; with six nights in each of the twelve cities visited, starting in South London on 2 July, travelling to Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff and more, finishing in Brighton in October.

    The films range from family classics like The Lion King to dark, late night thrillers like Joker. The fifties theme permeates- all waiters are on roller skates- and NHS and care workers get in for free.

    The Drive-In movie, South Shields

    Look ahead to your autumnal viewing pleasure and book for the October and November season at South Shield’s classic drive-in experience from September. This small but beloved operation has been running since 2013 and offers a retro feel with modern flair; with all films streaming directly to your FM car radio and a schedule which boasts a brilliant range of family films and cult classics, from The Goonies to A Star Is Born.

    Luna Drive-In, National Tour

    Luna is appearing at venues across the nation

    Luna already had a reputation as one of the UK’s best open-air cinema, but now it is taking its expertise on the road and turning their open-air experience into a socially-distanced drive in.

    The USP of Luna’s offering? The settings. Launching this summer, the drive in will be at stunning and exclusive sites across the country, including Warwick Castle, Blenheim Palace, the Allianz Park stadium in London and Knebworth House. Food and drink can be procured all contact free, cars are all socially distanced, and the scheduled films are a great from award-wining new releases like Rocketman, Joker, Knives Out and the new live-action remake of Aladdin, musical favourites such as Grease and La La Land to cult classics like Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing.

    Starlite – Kildare and Westmeath, Ireland

    Starlite – Kildare and Westmeath, Ireland

    Situated on two racecourses in Ireland, Starlite is a socially-distanced drive-in experience, especially designed to be contact free. The events promise retro, 1950s stardust and glamour with all the modcons and contactless food delivery you can shake your face mask at. Sign up now on their site for priority booking and to keep up with their soon-to-be announced dates and full film schedule.