The most-read Spectator Life articles of 2020

    28 December 2020

    1. Fire may let you retire early but it’s a miserable way to live

    Louise Cooper does the sums on the popular fad

    2. 8 Lockdown dishes from The Vintage Chef

    Tartiflette by The Vintage Chef

    3. Charcoal vs Gas: which is the better BBQ?

    Flavour or convenience? Our take on a hotly contested issue

    4. There’s nothing normal about getting nude on set

    Former actress Ellen Lister shares what it’s like to bear all on screen. Image: BBC

    5. The problem with investing in gold

    It’s not the safe haven it’s made out to be, says Ross Clark

    6. The rise of the luxury camper van

    Sales of campers have soared during lockdown – here are the best to buy

    7. The best coffee machines to kickstart your morning

    This work-from-home icon has become the must-have gadget of 2020

    8. 8 ideas for a lockdown party

    From wine tasting to pub quizzes – how to take the fun online

    9. The best Scandi Noir to watch this winter

    Our appetite for Nordic crime shows no sign of waning. Young Wallander (Image: Netflix)

    10. Why you should think twice about moving out of London

    A hasty move could be a source of regret once city life bounces back