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    ‘Let them eat cake’: the best pudding delivery services

    5 November 2020

    Let’s face it – most situations we face in life can be made marginally better by a slice of cake. A spoonful of sticky toffee pudding, the alluring drip of custard down a slice of treacle tart, those lazy saccharine peaks atop a biting lemon meringue pie – an excellent pudding makes a meal, and sometimes a day.

    As the pandemic ranges on outside, treat yourselves to the comfort of pud without the trauma of home baking by ordering from the new crop of dessert delivery companies dropping sugar-sweet post straight to your doorstep.

    Profiteroles from The Proof

    Profiteroles by post is the order of the day at this cleverly named mail-order company. Reviving the 70s dinner party classic, a box of Chantilly-filled choux buns arrives on your doorstep with a pot of rich dark chocolate sauce and a choice of toppings, including fresh strawberries and golden honeycomb that sticks your teeth together. It’s devilishly decadent, but shouldn’t pudding be so? The Proof team also on call to send you platefuls of sticky toffee pudding, a delightfully whimsically piped lemon meringue pie and even a weekly pudding subscription if your sweet tooth requires it. Pudding done right.

    From £14 for 10 profiteroles.

    Giant Cookies from Crème

    In the market for some really big cookies? Thick, rugged slabs of golden-baked dough with generous choc chip chunks, a gooey interior and a top that’s on the right side of crisp? That’s the offering from Crème, the D’Arblay Street Soho bakery, who’s cookie creations arrive on your doorstep in boxes of six or 12. There’s only four variations – buttery milk chocolate chip, white chocolate with miso, rich chocolate with peanut butter chips and a euphorically squidgy banana dark chocolate combo – but all of them provide an ideal chunk to dough ratio and fix your cookie cravings.

    From £22 for six.

    Cake from Cutter and Squidge

    Tea, Ma’am? Unwrap a natty orange delivery box from Cutter and Squidge to dive into finger-sized sweet treats or delightfully prim and proper sandwiches. The bakers behind this dessert delivery company ship the joys of afternoon tea at the Ritz straight to your sitting room. Pick from for buttery scones ready to be warmed and smothered in lashings of Rodda’s clotted cream and fruit jam followed by crumbly brownies, zesty lemon cakes and a pack of loose leaf tea or enjoy a greedily-iced chocolate fudge cake that arrives, decoration pristine, in a pastel-toned tin.


    From £29.

    Japanese bakes from Kova

    Ordered with a cup of bubble-filled boba milk tea, the wobbly slices of souffle cheesecake and velvety crumb-topped matcha Mille Crepés layered pies at Kova’s Chinatown and South Kensington stores had Instagram aestheticians lining up to pose with their patisserie creations. The pandemic hasn’t put a stop to the craze. Picture-perfect bakes inspired by the precision-baked goods of Japanese coffee houses are now available for delivery from the patisserie’s website. Try the elegant fig and cream cheese cake slices or order a whole sea salt lava cheesecake, named for its oozing white icing.

    Whole mille crêpes cake from £46.

    Tarts from Willy’s Pie Factory

    Image: Caitlin Isola

    Nostalgic for the buttery-crusted pies from his childhood, chef Will Lewis – who has worked in some of London’s most respected restaurants – created a pie-based business for the pandemic, whipping up savoury and sweet pies from his Leyton kitchen ready for delivery across the capital. The ex-Rochelle Canteen and St John’s chef bangs out a terrific fig and almond tart, complete with crusty top and no sign of a soggy bottoms, while caramelly treacle tart arrive with a dollop of crème fraiche to cut through the heavenly toffee tastes.

    From £3 for a slice.

    Sticky Toffee Pudding from The Pudding Stop

    The Pudding Shop delivers nationwide

    St Albans-based The Pudding Stop are on a mission to get great puddings back on our dinner tables. Launched from a van outside St Albans that provided hungry homeward bound commuters with ready-to-cook puds, they now ship oven-ready desserts across the country. Pick from single serves or sharing plates of ready-to-eat butterscotch blondies, bake at home sticky toffee, melt-in-the-middle chocolate puds and choc chip bread and butter puddings.

    From £13.50 for a pack of 3 single serves.