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    Indulge yourself this Easter (Getty)

    The best posh Easter eggs

    11 April 2017

    Some chocolate eggs are meant to be hidden. Small ones wrapped in brightly coloured foil are perfect for egg hunts. What could be more delightful than discovering one nestled in the nook of a tree trunk or under some daffodils?

    But in recent years, a chocolate arms race has begun. The big multinational companies have a lot to answer for, because they have convinced supermarkets that Lent is a time to brick up shop windows with piles and piles of identical boxes of eggs. These eggs certainly aren’t designed to be hidden.

    That said, the race has produced some beautiful eggs too. Here are ten of the best eggs around this Easter, which will help mark the start of Spring in style…

    Heston Eggstraordinary Dippy Easter Egg
    Waitrose, £20 From the outside, this egg looks like a rather large chicken’s egg. Inside it are a handful of pale blue eggs filled with caramel – and a smattering of chocolate ‘earth’ for effect.

    Six golden eggs
    Fortnum and Mason, £25

    Inside this unassuming egg box are six real hen eggs, which have been painted gold and filled with praline chocolate. If you gently heat them, then crack them open as you would a boiled egg, it makes for an indulgent Easter breakfast for anyone who has given up chocolate for Lent.

    Milk chocolate egg with truffles
    John Lewis, £10
     This milk chocolate egg looks more like those found on the Continent – where they seem to do Easter eggs better. Bright pink and green – a lovely present for a child.

    Organic Dark Chocolate & Cinder Toffee Egg, Cocoa Loco
    Abel & Cole, £24.99
     This large egg comes filled with chunks of cinder toffee. If your sweet tooth is telling you to buy a Crunchie-themed egg, but you want something a bit more special, this would be a perfect alternative.

    Easter hen
    Harvey Nichols, £8.50
     Where do chocolate eggs come from? Chocolate chickens, of course. And this one would work well in the centre of an Easter table.

    Belgian Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Cocoa Nibs
    Sainsbury’s, £5
     A classic dark chocolate egg with a twist – the cocoa nibs give this egg a slight crunch. Ideal for anyone who prefers their chocolate bitter.

    Ostrich egg
    Hotel Chocolat, £75
     This enormous egg – modelled on a real ostrich egg – is filled with a mixture of pralines, truffles and caramels, as well as six golden eggs hidden inside the box. An egg for the entire family.

    Avocado egg
    Melt Chocolates, £49.50
     One for millennials, who will appreciate anything with an avocado on it. It;s also highly ‘gramable, which is what really matters these days.

    Sea salt milk chocolate egg
    Rococo Chocolates, £26.25
     A very pretty blue speckled egg – pack one of these in your luggage if you are going away for the weekend, and your hosts will be delighted.

    Easter hamper
    Ottolenghi, £45
    If you’ve had enough of eggs, this hamper offers some respite. It’s filled with Brunsli cookies, Orange and Chocolate Panforte and Raspberry Grissini.