The best fireworks kits for Bonfire Night

    27 October 2020

    If there’s one thing that lights up our British autumn it’s fireworks night. However, we all know that things will have to be a bit different this year. Without the opportunity to go to mass gatherings or have community bonfires, we’ll have to adapt and host small displays at home instead. For children especially, this can be a great way to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a home-built bonfire and a DIY firework display whilst staying safe and keeping within COVID and social-distancing restrictions.

    There are many different firework kits available for home displays, and luckily the pandemic hasn’t stopped new products being added to some of the most popular firework ranges in the UK. If you decide to create your own display, here are some safety tips worth bearing in mind before you start:


    Each box of fireworks should have a ‘safe distance’ indication on them. Make sure you take note of how far back you need to stand.

    Never return to a lit firework

    Even if the firework hasn’t lit properly, never go back to it. It may still be burning and the firework is designed to explode in a controlled manner. Never approach any firework that has burnt out or hasn’t lit properly in case it

    Read the instructions

    It sounds obvious but you’d be amazed how many of us don’t bother and take matters into our own hands. Each pack of fireworks come with specific instructions appropriate to each display. Just because you’ve lit one doesn’t mean the others will work in the same way. Make sure they’re read in advance of lighting them.

    Keep water handy

    Especially if you have a bonfire as well as fireworks being lit in your garden – keep a bucket of water handy in case you need to put fires or fireworks out.

    Eye and hand protection

    Especially for children who may be handling sparklers, for instance. Make sure they’re wearing gloves and have eye protection to hand if lighting and handling fireworks.

    Good luck! Here’s what to try:

    Beast from the East Fireworks Display Pack

    If you’ve got a bit of room to spare and you want to splash out, the ‘Beast from the East’ from Celtic Fireworks will light up your outside space – and is a great show at over 2 minute long. As the description of the product suggests, this is going a long way to the feeling of having a professional pyrotechnic company in your back garden.

    Little Tommys Pack

    These quite literally offer excellent ‘bang for buck’ – they’re a really affordable choice that offer red, green and blue sparkling explosions with each pack offering 9 shots. For the price they’re no doubt an impressive addition to the display.

    King Crowns by Vivid Pyrotechnic

    These fireworks live up to their name – they’re a shimmering gold explosion  – and for a rocket they still manage to be rather delicate. For less than £40 you get two rockets in a pack.

    Aldi Ultimate Finale Box

    Available in-shop in Aldi (not online), this is great value for money and is currently on offer if you can get there quickly. For £39.99 you get a ‘finale’ style box of fireworks, with 132 shots of strobes with an aerial multi-shot. It has a duration of around 2 minutes and can be safely set up in your back garden providing you have the space. A great value buy.

    Tesco Northern Lights 15 Selection Box (2 for 20)

    Again, another supermarket offering available in shops, but worth mentioning for the bundle deal and its relative value for money. You get a 15 piece firework display with a variety of different colours and types of fireworks, and it benefits from being an all-in-one box so you get everything you need in one package.

    50 Indoor Fireworks Bonanza Pack

    We don’t all have an outdoor space in which to enjoy the nosiest, most colourful fireworks. Having said that, with a bit of interior decoration and imagination you can still bring the magic of winter into your own home. Indoor fireworks are a great addition to the scene, and you get a variety of different effects from indoor sparklers to strobes and ‘ice fountains. This pack is a good bet, with 50 different options for only £9.99