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    The best Easter eggs for 2020

    25 March 2020

    What a weird time to be reviewing Easter eggs. But as unlikely as it feels right now, time moves on apace, and Easter does indeed approach. And, since we can’t eat out or go out, nothing beats a perfectly formed Easter egg for a lockdown pick-me-up.

    We’ve taste-tested a bunch of chocolate eggs to uncover the best of this year’s clutch. We’ve got a whole range of eggs here, from £3 – £95, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, blonde and golden chocolate, white chocolate. Chocolate with hazelnuts, raspberries and honeycomb embedded into it. Artisan chocolate, vegan chocolate, hand-painted chocolate, ethical chocolate; chocolate shaped like chickens, chocolate shaped like lemons; eggs concealing gifts, eggs concealing other eggs… eggs concealing other eggs concealing other eggs. Whatever your Easter heart desires, we have the chocolate egg to satisfy it.

    Honeycomb milk & white chocolate egg (Chocolate Libertine, £14.95)

    What they say: Our very popular milk and white chocolate laminated eggs have been given flavoured shells this year – borrowed from our favourite bars and thins. Crunchy honeycomb pieces always deliver a hard to resist nostalgic treat!

    What we say: This is a slightly smaller ‘full-sized’ egg, but what it lacks in stature it makes up for in flavour and appearance. It’s bright green, daubed in different shades of cocoa butter, and my husband’s eyes widened when he tasted this: ‘it’s a grown up kinder egg!’, and it is, really, with the combination of milk and white chocolate in the shells. The honeycomb pieces are great, and this is an extremely enjoyable egg.

    Buy it for: the big kid in your life.

    La Molina Dark, Milk and Gold (La Molina, £69.99)

    What they say: La Molina contains a trio nestled inside one another and each one is a different flavour. Starting on the outside, the first shell is bitter-sweet dark chocolate, next a creamy milk and finally, sitting at the centre swirling with caramel, there’s a blonde Oro egg.

    What we say: Ok, this is a chunkily priced egg, but it’s also a lot of chocolate: three eggs in one, nestled inside one another like a Russian doll. I did find them hard to separate, but it’s a pretty impressive feat that they’ve managed to contain the eggs within one another (plus an added surprise in the very centre!), and you’re going to be bashing them up at this stage anyway. I admit, I did think from the packaging that the eggs would be Russian doll shaped, and was a little disappointed when they were just normal egg shape, but that’s possibly my own inattention. The chocolate is great quality – especially the ‘gold’ chocolate egg, which is completely delicious.

    Buy this for: the whole family: there’s a lot of chocolate here, and enough variety to satisfy all tastes.

    Monstera Artisan Milk Chocolate Easter egg (Selfridges, £29.99)

    What they say: Sustainably sourced, single-origin Colombian chocolate: that’s what family-run Luker Chocolate uses to create this Selfridges Selection Easter egg. Dedicated to reforestation, the 113-year-old brand has planted over 2 million trees in forests across Colombia, and it works directly with farmers to train, educate and promote sustainable cocoa. Gabriella Cugno handcrafted and decorated this unbe-leaf-able egg in her kitchen in Cardiff, Wales. It’s a treat for the eyes, your tastebuds, and the planet.

    What we say: This is such a gorgeous looking egg: sprayed with bright turquoise cocoa butter, with negative space in the shape of a cheese plant leaf. It’s a simple milk chocolate egg, without any added bells or whistles, but a nicely executed one – so it’s not just a case of style over substance.

    Buy this for: the millennial who loves house plants

    Hand-Painted Rooster Easter Egg (Fortnum & Mason, £95)

    What they say: Crafted exclusively for Fortnum’s by master chocolatiers in Wales, this hand-painted Chicken Egg is made using highly aromatic Fine Flavour Colombian chocolate with 45% minimum cocoa solids. The paint used to colour this most sublime of chickens is made using natural pigments, a job that took weeks to perfect. A very special treat you will want to savour this Easter.

    What we say: This is a staggering egg in a number of ways: first, it’s absolutely bloody huge, secondly, it’s easily the most beautiful and striking easter egg I’ve ever seen, third, it’s very expensive – £95. It really is completely gorgeous though, a showstopper of an egg, and the milk chocolate is thin, snappy and ridiculously creamy.

    Buy it for: If you’re looking for luxury, and a true piece of chocolate art, this is the egg for you.

    Waitrose Spring Lemon (Waitrose, £3)

    What they say: Almost indistinguishable from the real thing, zesty lemon flavours fuse with smooth and creamy white chocolate for a unique sweet citrussy spring treat.

    What we say: This is a very pretty little egg-substitute. It’s smaller than your standard Easter ‘egg’, but at the lower end of the price range, so a nice little treat. It’s pretty gently flavoured when it comes to the lemon – I was rather hoping for a punchier citrus hint, and as the base is white chocolate, it’s rather sweet, but it is incredibly visually pleasing, and if you like white chocolate you’ll enjoy it.

    Buy it for: someone who’s too grown up for an Easter egg but not too grown up for a chocolatey Easter treat.

    Cox & Co. Bee Pollen & Honey, 61% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg (£9.99, Cox & Co)

    What they say: The Bee Pollen and Honey is backed with 61% cacao dark chocolate blended with honey and a sprinkling of bee pollen to deliver a rich dark chocolate hit balanced with just the right level of sweetness.

    What we say: I confess: I was a little sceptical about whether this egg was all concept and no delivery. I wasn’t convinced that bits of pollen set into the chocolate would be enjoyable to eat texturally or flavour-wise. How wrong I was: this egg was a complete joy. The little nubbly bits of waxy pollen are delightful. It’s also really great quality chocolate with a subtle honey flavour, and is a generous size for the price.

    Buy this for: the honey lover. Honey isn’t a taste for everyone but if you like honey, you will seriously love this egg.

    Tesco Finest Pearl Egg (£10, Tescos)

    What they say: Three layers of Easter indulgence each more sublime than the last. Why choose one Easter egg when you can choose three? A caramel flavoured Belgian chocolate egg cocooned within two indulgent half shells.

    What we say: This is a truly lovely egg: the chocolate quality is great, and the additions are texturally satisfying and judiciously applied. It’s a great concept, well-executed, and is handsomely presented in its box. Beware – the eggs and half eggs have been stuck to one another for stability, so are a bit tricky to break apart.

    Buy this for: the person who can’t decide which type of chocolate they like best – this way, they get the best of all worlds!

    Vegan Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Vegan Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts (Rococo, £32.95)

    What they say: Our very first Vegan milk chocolate Easter egg is made with a rich cashew milk chocolate and is filled with decadent chocolate-covered roasted hazelnuts, which are finished off with a generous dusting of cocoa powder. Moreishly creamy and indulgent, this Easter egg is wrapped in a fresh green foil and is ready to gift in a handmade Rococo print box.

    What we say: Now this is a cracking egg: thick, incredibly rich and creamy chocolate, absolutely delicious. So many vegan eggs are dark or very dark chocolate, it’s a treat to get one which is ‘milk’ chocolate, but this one’s so good, you’d never guess it was vegan. The chocolate-covered hazelnuts are delightful – crisp and compulsive. It’s also beautifully packaged. A stand-out vegan egg.

    Buy this for: anyone who loves excellent chocolate – they definitely don’t have to be vegan.

    Vegan Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Egg (Betty’s, £19.95)

    What they say: This strikingly elegant egg is moulded by our chocolatiers from Swiss dark chocolate containing 65% cocoa. Finished with a simple bronze shimmer and a Bettys plaque, it showcases the rich, complex flavours of the prized Venezuelan criollo bean to their fullest. Suitable for vegans.

    What we say: This is a handsome, geometric-style egg, with a lovely shimmer painted onto the chocolate, presented in a traditional Betty’s box. The chocolate is truly excellent, especially for a vegan egg: rich and complexly flavoured.

    Buy this for: dark chocolate lovers who crave a bit of elegance

    Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Easter Egg (Traidcraft, £12)

    What they say: This thick-shelled, dark chocolate Easter egg is a cut above the rest – made from mouth-wateringly delicious, Organic and Fairtrade chocolate. Crack open your Easter egg to find your fair trade surprise inside. These surprises are supplied by skilled artisans from all over the world, whose communities and economies are supported by on-going projects. The four handmade surprises include two bookmarks, a notebook and a pencil topper.

    What we say: This hazelnut-studded dark chocolate egg is vegan, and has a pleasant nubbly texture. The little gift within the egg is a sweet addition, and it’s good to know that you’re supporting ethical chocolate production by buying it.

    Buy this for: the socially-conscious chocoholic.

    Absolute black hen with peanut butter mini eggs (Montezuma, £10)

    What they say: Hettie Hen is made from rich, dark 100% cocoa for that dramatic cocoa hit – don’t say we didn’t warn you! She’s keeping her dreamy peanut butter filled mini-eggs safe and warm!

    What we say: They’re not wrong when they say 100% cocoa is dramatic – if you haven’t tried it before, it might take you by surprise. There’s no added sugar here, and the chocolate is intense, bitter and complex. The peanut butter eggs are a little easier-going, and might act as your gateway chocolate to the 100 per cent cocoa.

    Buy this for: someone who takes their cocoa content seriously

    Gianduja Milk Chocolate Egg (Prestat, £17.50)

    What they say: Easter, of course, is a family occasion and this egg is suitable for all ages. Creamy milk chocolate shell filled with milk chocolate Gianduja Truffles.
    What we say: A classic Easter egg with good, solid milk chocolate, filled with really excellent praline truffles. Come for the egg, but definitely stay for the truffles.

    Buy this for: those who want the finer things without the fuss

    Sea Salt Gianduja Truffle Easter Eggs (Charbonnel & Walker, £20)

    What they say: A delicious truffle combination of sweet hazelnut gianduja and sea salt, packaged in a beautifully-decorated, Easter-egg shaped box.

    What we say: Ok, so not everyone wants a large egg for Easter, but that doesn’t mean they have to go without. These truffles are dusted with edible lustre, stuffed full of hazelnut praline chocolate, properly salty and absolutely delicious. Despite being surrounded by ‘proper’ Easter eggs, I found myself returning to these over and over.

    Buy this for: the fusspot who complains about Easter eggs being a swizz.

    Talisker Made by the Sea Coco x (Coco Chocolatier, £35)

    Talisker Made by the Sea Coco x Easter egg

    What they say: Just in time for Easter, COCO Chocolatier has partnered with Talisker Whisky to create the ultimate Easter experience, the perfect gift for chocolate and Whisky lovers alike. The dark chocolate sea salted egg encases Talisker sea salted caramels, inspired by elements of Talisker’s homeland, using sea salt from the Isle of Skye.

    What we say: Alongside the fairly classic salted dark chocolate egg, the truffles are the real showstopper: the peaty Talisker pairs beautifully with the sweet, runny, salted caramel, and the flavour really shines – perhaps we are greedy, but we rather wished for more than five of those smashing caramels.
    Buy it for: the discerning whisky lover