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    The best bakeries that deliver to your door

    29 May 2020

    Ok, so you’re sick of banana bread, you’ve made a cake that is somehow both burnt and raw in the middle, and your sourdough starter has developed a weird mould on it before you’ve even tried baking with it. Sometimes it’s just nice for someone (experienced and skilled) to do the hard work for you. Don’t worry, lots of bakeries across London and the rest of the country are now offering delivery of bread and pastries and everything from marshmallow cookies to jam doughnuts. Please consult individual bakeries’ websites for delivery charges.

    Bread Ahead, Borough Market

    Bread ahead bakery, Borough Market

    Bread ahead bakery, Borough Market

    Bread Ahead Bakery in Borough Market are delivering to most London postcodes (full details on their website). Bread Ahead’s selection focuses on mixed boxes and whole cakes, as opposed to individual pastries, but why buy one brownie when you can get a whole tray of them? Their pastry selection box will satisfy an entire family, and their sourdough selection will keep you and your freezer full for some time – they’re also offering bake at home cookie dough and a 4-pack of their famous jam doughnuts.

    Pastry selection box from £15, Sourdough box £25

    Today Bread, Walthamstow

    Today bread, Walthamstow

    Today bread, Walthamstow

    Today Bread in Walthamstow are now delivering by bike to E17 and E10. They have all their usual sourdough loaves and sourdough croissants, pains au chocolat, and cinnamon buns, as well as a host of ‘kitchen basics’ like pasta, milk and coffee (and they currently have dried yeast, which I haven’t seen in the wild since lockdown began).

    Pastries start from £2 and loaves from £2.50.

    Dunn’s Bakery, Crouch End

    Dunn's bakery, Crouch End

    Dunn’s bakery, Crouch End

    Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End’s delivery catchment area extends to Muswell Hill, much of Alexandra Palace, Highgate and Stroud Green. They have more bread varieties than you could shake a stick at, a host of sticky and sweet buns, doughnuts and pastries, including their sausage rolls, as well as a small number of fresh ‘essentials’.

    Pastries start from £1.10 and loaves of bread from £1.35.

    Little Bread Pedlar, Bermondsey

    Little Bread Pedlar, Bermondsey

    Cinnamon, cardamom, sugar twisted buns, Little Bread Pedlar, Bermondsey

    The Bermondsey-based artisan bakery, Little Bread Pedlar are delivering within a 4-mile radius of their flagship shop, as well as a 3-mile radius of Granary Square, where they have a market stall. On offer are a range of breads including sourdoughs, tin loaves and focaccia, and a host of pastries from cardamom buns to bakewell tarts and their ‘cheesy thing’, a butter-rich pastry stuffed with gruyere, carraway and smoked paprika.

    Individual pastries and loaves start from £2.50

    Miel, Fitzrovia

    Buckwheat and Rye cookies, Miel, Fitzrovia

    Miel bakery in Fitzrovia are delivering across London postcodes. Their offerings include: Sourdough loaves, savoury pastries, cookies, loaf cakes, as well as tartes tatin and mini madeleines – they also stock a small number of groceries including bread flour, preserves, and jars of their own sourdough starter.

    Individual pastries start from £2, and loaves from £6

    Popham’s, Islington and Hackney

    Popham’s Bakery, Islington and Hackney

    Pophams branches in Islington and Hackney have limited delivery slots for their 1.5 mile catchment areas, but a wide range of items including their pasta and sauces, charcuterie from Cobble Lane Cured and wines and premixed cocktails, their homemade biscuits, granola, sourdough, croissants and flavoured pastries including (my favourite) the marmite, spring onion and Schlossberger cheese swirl.

    Individual pastries start from £2.10, and loaves from £8

    Juliet’s Quality Food, Tooting

    Pumpkin Bread, Juliet’s Quality Food

    If you’re in the market for something sweeter than sourdough, Juliet’s Quality Food in Tooting is  supplying a 4 mile radius with cakes and biscuits, and their ‘baller cake basket’ which includes a slice of hazelnut cake, a slice of pistachio cake, an Anzac cookie, and a marshmallow, chocolate and sea salt cookie. They’re also offering wine, groceries, prepare-at-home meals, ready-to-eat meals, and everything from homemade cornbread to housemade labneh.

    Biscuits from £2.20

    Pet Lamb Patisserie, Newcastle

    Pet Lamb Patisserie, Newcastle

    In Newcastle, Pet Lamb Patisserie are doing delivery on their traybakes: from Mars bar slabs to Eton Mess blondies, via every type of brownie you can imagine. These are mail order brownies, so can be ordered to anywhere in the UK.

    12-piece traybakes starting from £26

    Haxby Bakehouse, York

    Haxby Bakehouse, York

    Haxby Bakehouse in York are able to deliver to customers in Haxby, Wiggington, Strensall, New Earswick and Huntington thanks to an army of local volunteers. They have small and large loaves of sourdough available (including a fantastic sounding wild garlic and cheese sourdough), and on Saturdays, cinnamon morning buns, pains au raisin and croissants are available. They also have bread flour, milk, butter cheese and spice mixes available.

    Loaves from £1.70, pastries start at £2

    Bluebird bakery, York and Leeds

    Bluebird Bakery, York and Leeds

    Bluebird Bakery, York and Leeds

    Also in York, but additionally covering Leeds is Bluebird Bakery have a wide range of breads, mostly made through their slow fermentation process. Their Bengali-5 spice pastries and tea cakes stand out amongst their other offerings. Many of their available products are offered on a subscription-basis as well as a one-off purchase, so you can enjoy them weekly.

    Loaves starting from £2, pastries from £2.50

    Pollen Bakery, Manchester

    In Manchester, Pollen Bakery are providing delivery to those who have a vulnerable member of their household, or would have to use public transport or travel an unreasonable distance to collect goods. They are serving the following postcode: M1-M4, M6-M8, M14-16, M19-21, M25, M27, M40, M50 and SK4-5. Their product range includes a 28-hour sourdough, a seeded rye loaf, croissants, and pains au chocolat, as well as innovative items like a tiramisu french toast kit, and croissant butter spread.

    Loaves start from £4.10 and pastries from £2.50.

    Birds Bakery, Derby and Nottinghamshire

    In Derby and Nottinghamshire, Birds Bakery are covering a whopping 15 mile radius of their Derby bakery, and have put together a bunch of ‘packs’ to cover all needs: a cream tea pack sits alongside a picnic pack, or you could go for a freezer pack, which will keep you stocked up on all kinds of bread for quite some time!

    Packs start from £15

    Stir Bakery, Cambridge

    Stir Bakery, Cambridge

    Stir Bakery in Cambridge are delivering to CB1-5 and CB22, CB24 and CB25 as well as Impington, Histon, Girton, Cottenham and Milton. They specialise in slow-fermented bread, so expect sourdough loaves, buns, and overnight focaccia – but they also have cakes, cookies, biscuits brownies, and the mysterious ‘weekend pastry of the day’, as well as several gluten free breads and cakes. They also offer whole, decorated cakes if you’re planning a lockdown birthday celebration.

    Loaves from £3.50 and biscuit selections from £10

    Pump Street Bakery, Suffolk

    Pump Street Bakery, Suffolk

    Pump Street Bakery, Suffolk

    Pump Street Bakery in Orford, Suffolk, are offering local deliveries on Friday and Saturday to Iken, Snape, Aldeburgh, Saxmundham, Leiston, Chillesford, Butley, Hollesley, Bawdsey, Melton, Woodbridge, Grundisburgh, Little Bealings, Bredfield, Great Bealings, Wickham Market. Orders are taken by email, and include tin loaves, seeded loaves, sourdough, viennoiserie, doughnuts, eccles cakes and other sweet treats. If you’re further flung, but still looking for your Pump St fix, they are offering some produce via courier service: bread and eccles cake boxes, or – even better – a combined bread and eccles cake box, which includes 2 large white sourdough loaves, 2 large brown sourdough loaves, and 6 eccles cakes.

    Eccles cakes from £2.50, loaves from £1.80; Bread box by courier from £30.

    Bertinet, Bath

    Bertinet, Bath

    Bertinet, Bath

    Bath’s Bertinet bakery are delivering around Bath and Keynsham, with a wide selection of loaves, pastries and cakes. They might be known for their sourdough, but it’s their hazelnut and almond pain au chocolat and chocolate cookies which catch my eye.

    Loaves from £3.10 and pastries from £1.95.