Jude Law in The Young Pope

    Ten TV programmes to watch this autumn

    21 September 2016

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    National Treasure
    Channel 4
    This drama, taking its its lead from Operation Yewtree, tells the story of a beloved TV star facing charges of historical rape. It’s just started on Channel 4 and is more than worthy of your attention. Robbie Coltrane is superb as the accused comedian, with Julie Walters is every bit as good as his quietly furious wife.

    (Pic: Netflix)
    The Crown
    Netflix from November 4

    Netflix is spending £100m on this six-season series that charts the reign of Queen Elizabeth II from the early days through to the present day. Show-runner Peter Morgan, who wrote The Queen, said the series would explore “the terrible impact becoming queen had on her and all her relationships”. (Pic: Netflix)

    Sky Atlantic from October 4

    Michael Crichton’s book about a theme park gone very wrong was previously best known for its big screen incarnation starring everyone’s favourite bald cowboy, Yul Brynner. This all-guns blazing new version comes with an awful lot of hype to live up to.

    Crisis in Six Scenes
    Amazon Prime for September 30
    Woody Allen’s work is hit and miss these days – Amazon are banking on him coming up trumps with this six part comedy series. Pop star Miley Cyrus plays the lead.

    The Young Pope
    Sky Atlantic, from October 27
    Jude Law plays a conservative American pontiff in this TV series from Oscar-winning Italian film director Paolo Sorrentino.

    The Apprentice
    BBC One in October
    The show may be a shadow of its former self, but watching a parade of shiny morons desperately clambering over one another to persuade Lord Sugar to go into business with them still makes for horribly compulsive viewing.

    Amanda Knox
    Netflix from September 30
    After the success of Making A Murderer, Netflix has turned to a better known true crime case for its latest documentary. As the title suggest, this film focuses on the murder of Meredith Kercher from the point of view of the American student convicted and then cleared of the killing.

    The Grand Tour
    Amazon Prime from November 18

    If you’re one of those who love Clarkson and co and hate the new Top Gear, your moment has finally arrived. Amazon has got the band back together and the lads are hitting the road for The Grand Tour, with episodes released weekly from the middle of November.

    (Pic: UKTV)
    Red Dwarf
    Dave from September 22
    Another reunion, but this time in out of space, thanks to comedy channel, Dave. This eleventh series of Red Dwarf might not win over huge new audiences, but committed fans will be delighted to reacquaint themselves with Lister, Cat and the rest of the gang. (Pic: UKTV)

    The Fall
    BBC Two from September 29
    A third series is on the way of this phenomenally popular and very dark Belfast-set police procedural, starring Gillian Anderson.