Party season: Tank Copper Whisky Set, £150

    13 December 2019

    With the party season in full swing, don’t let your glassware let you down. If you have guests to impress get out this set from Tom Dixon. Mouth blown glass and adorned with copper, the set also reflects the golden warmth of a fire wonderfully on a dark winters evening.



    Ready, set, go: Aesop Departure Kit, £45.00

    If you’re planning a jet-set year, Aesop have put together this little pick me up travel kit to help you and your skin remain refreshed and rejuvenated en route. It contains seven miniature versions of some Aesop classics and is an easy, welcome purchase for the avid adventurer or frequent flyer.



    Winter Sun: Gentle Monster Merylnn Sunglasses, £203

    While protecting your eyes from the reflective light on the slopes or the midday sun at the beach, Gentle Monster’s sculptural sunnies will jazz up any outfit and are an easy statement piece that are perfect for gifting.