Five pieces of art to get you in the mood for spring

    8 March 2019

    Primavera (The Allegory of Spring) by Sandro Botticelli, Painted circa 1477-1482

    Botticelli’s La Primavera – Allegory of Spring (Credit: wikicommons)

    This wonderful painting is an enormous and beautiful work capturing all of the elements of Spring that has a huge impact when you see it in reality. Like so many works of art it is not until you see it in the flesh do you appreciate the work even more for the sheer scale and overwhelming beauty.

    Primavera was painted during the Renaissance period by Sandro Botticelli and this allegorical painting has become one of the most famous paintings in the Western World. It was painted for the Medici family. The Medici family ruled Tuscany and Florence for over 300 years and helped shape the city of Florence by funding buildings and churches as well as commissioning vast amounts of artworks.

    Where can I see it ? Visit the Ufizze Gallery, Florence.

    Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh , Painted in February 1890

    Vincent Van Gogh, Almond Blossom (wikicommons)

    There is something about a work of art that always captivates me when it is a section of a work on a canvas. This daring work for the 1890s is still so fresh and lively today. The boldness of the black outline on the tree is mixed with the beautiful colour palette creating a soft and elegant painting.

    Japanese printmakers influenced Van Gogh’s works and this can be seen in this work by the placement of the tree on the picture plane.

    Where can I see it ? The Vangogh museum

    La Parisienne, Auguste Renoir , Painted in 1874

    La Parisienne, Renoir (Credit Wikicommons)

    This painting was first exhibited in the April of 1874 and its colours have a fittingly spring-like feel to them.  It is a large life-size work with fresh, intense blue hues on the dress and a plain background forcing the viewer to look more closely and to concentrate on the figure.

    The sitter was a French girl called Henriette Henriot although unknown at the time she later become a famous actress.

    The work was bought by Gwendoline Davies one of two sisters who bequeathed an important Impressionist art collection to the National Museum of Wales. We are lucky enough t have these works in the UK and La Parisienne is usually on view is is usually on view unless on loan to another museum or exhibition as it is one of the highlights at the Museum in Cardiff.

    Where can I see it ?

    Jeff Koons , Gazing Ball (Birdbath) , 2013

    Jeff Koons, Gazing Ball (Birdbath), The Ashmolean

    The first sign of Spring for me is the sound of the dawn chorus from migrating birds returning for breeding season and what better way to celebrate this than the birdbath work by contemporary conceptual artist Jeff Koons. The simplicity of the white birdbath and contrasting cobalt blue ball that is placed on top of the birdbath is breath taking . The reflective elements to Jeff Koon’s works of art create a sense of immediacy and being present in the here and now. For the artist the work “represents the vastness of the universe and at the same time the intimacy of the right here, right now’.

    In the age of the the selfie and our image conscious society this work is part of that culture forcing the viewer to view themselves and reflect on their reflection and image as well as considering the vastness of universe.
    Love it or hate this work is available to see at the Jeff Koons’ solo exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum Oxford until the 9th June 2019 . This exhibition may go down in art history as it is a real coup for a non London museum to have an exhibition of this kind by possibly the most famous living artist in the world. See it now before it is too late!

    Where can I see it ?

    Jemma Powell , Narcissi 2019 , oil on card, framed , £700

    Jemma Powell, Narcissi (2019), Credit: Wychwood Gallery

    A stunning and delicate still life painting with a yellow and grey palette . The intense Spring light lighting the side of the jug and lemon creates the atmosphere and sets the tone of the painting.

    Jemma Powell’s works are both subtle and powerful creating drama in her seascape paintings and great beauty in her still life works of art.

    Jemma is not only a talented artist with her painting skills but also she is a famous actress. Talent runs in the family as she is married to the singer songwriter Jack Savoretti.

    Where can I see it ? At Wychwood Art Gallery, Oxfordshire. It is available to buy online but will also will be on view.

    If not sold before it will be on view at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London 6th March – 10th March 2019 from where Jemma Powell’s works will be on view with Wychwood Art fair stand A7. For free tickets to the art fair please contact as these tickets are limited and are on a first come first served basis.

    Deborah Allan is Director and Founder of Wychwood Art Gallery. Before setting up Wychwood Art she worked firstly as a Director and Auctioneer at Christie’s for 11 years and latterly at Bonhams auction house for 4 years as European Director of Impressionist and Modern Art and Auctioneer.