(Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

    Sol Campbell plots a return to politics after mayoral defeat

    7 October 2015

    After Sol Campbell failed to make it onto the four-man shortlist to be the Conservative candidate to run for mayor, the former England footballer kept a low profile in the aftermath, not commenting on his defeat.

    So Miss Steerpike is glad to report that Campbell harbours no ill-feeling towards the chosen candidate Zac Goldsmith. In fact, speaking to Miss S at the Sun’s Conservative conference drinks reception, the footballer revealed that he has been in contact with Goldsmith since. ‘I wish Zac the best and I have been in touch with him,’ he told Miss S at the party, before offering him some advice: ‘He’s got to connect with the wider public and I’m sure he is working on that now.’

    As for Campbell’s burgeoning career in politics? Well, the footballer says it is not the end of the road for him. ‘I’m still keen to be involved with the party, and I am speaking at conference about involving ethnic minorities in the party so watch this space,’ he says. ‘It didn’t really happen for me but there is always another day, and like in my sporting days, it’s all about building.’

    Meanwhile at the tabloid bash, where guests including Ed Vaizey, Sajid Javid and Baroness Brady sipped on themed cocktails including Corbynistas and Bojo’itos, the paper’s new editor Tony Gallagher warned assembled ministers that they ought not to expect an easy ride from the paper — which endorsed the Conservatives ahead of the election — now they are in power:

    ‘The Sun is not a political party, the Sun is a friend but it will be a critical friend over the coming years and we will always side with the readers so it means that from time to time we will give you the odd nudge in the right direction.’

    Given the negative coverage Campbell received from the paper during his mayoral campaign, Miss S suspects that he  will be hoping the paper acts as a more helpful friend next time around.