Snack attack: what’s really in your favourite treats?

    18 February 2016

    The contents of popular snacks may surprise you. Make sure you know what you’re putting in your body the next time you feel peckish…


    Calories 110kcal
    Sugar 9g
    Salt trace
    Protein 1g
    Fat 0g

    The sustaining, single-serving fruit in its own biodegradable wrapper – but quite high in sugar.


    Calories 150kcal
    Sugar 1g
    Salt 0.42g
    Protein 2g
    Fat 8g

    Tangy, crunchy and perfect for dipping, but high in fat – plus it’s hard to eat just one portion.


    Calories 149kcal
    Sugar 1.2g
    Salt trace
    Protein 4.6g
    Fat 11g

    Rich in vitamins but also high in fat – stick to unsalted for a healthier treat.


    Calories 78kcal
    Sugar 3g
    Salt 0g
    Protein 1g
    Fat 3g

    A low calorie choice – even with added salt and sugar – but hard to eat just the recommended portion.


    Calories 245kcal
    Sugar 21.7g
    Salt 0.21g
    Protein 4.5g
    Fat 13.4g

    More calories, but then the portion size is nearly twice that of a cookie. Nuts help raise the protein content.


    Calories 199kcal
    Sugar 17g
    Salt 0.19g
    Protein 2.3g
    Fat 9.1g

    High calories, but also highly irresistible with your morning coffee. A little of what you fancy…?

    Figures stated above refer to a standard serving of each snack. Statistics relate to the following brandsand serving sizes: Doritos (cool flavour) 30g, cashew nuts 25g, Co-Operative salt and sweet popcorn 20g, Snickers 48g, Co-Operative Truly Irresistible milk choc cookie 25g