Should the Hemsley sisters be supporting a diet that ‘treats’ autism?

    4 May 2016

    The Hemsley sisters are the hot new thing in British cooking. They even have a show, Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley, starting next week on Channel 4. They promote a healthy diet without grains, gluten or toxins.

    But a closer look at their sources of inspiration reveals something very worrying indeed. At the top of a list of ‘five books that shaped their philosophy’ is GAPS. The GAPS diet is a healing diet which claims to help with everything from autism through diabetes to psychosis. Its author appears to believe that vaccines are to blame for the ‘autism epidemic’. The diet also promotes the consumption of raw egg yolk, which is a great way to get salmonella. The website of the Russian-trained doctor who created the diet seems to me like that of an old-time snake oil seller, offering ‘cures’ for almost everything. The science behind its claims is picked apart here.

    Should we eat well? Of course. But we should be wary of people who promote diets touted as miracle cures.