Advice from Andy Murray’s food guru

    5 May 2016

    It’s a different kind of service to the one Andy dishes out on court, but it’s a vital part of the champion’s fitness routine. Here are Glenn Kearney’s recommendations for healthy eating.

    Don’t ban sugar altogether, but monitor it

    People know that sweet foods contain sugar, but it’s important to check the food labels; many processed foods such as pasta sauces and cereals have hidden sugar (and salt) in them.

    Control your environment

    If I have crisps in the house I’ll eat them and I’m a nutritionist, who knows that they’re empty calories. So I don’t buy them — it’s better not to have the temptation in the first place.

    Look at your food behaviour

    Many people eat without thinking about what they’re putting in their mouths. Monitor the size of your portions, when you eat, and what you’re eating.
    Don’t obsess over food. If you have a cake or a bowl of crisps it’s fine, as long as you balance it with healthy foods most of the time.

    Be prepared

    If you travel or work away from home a lot, you’ll face temptation to buy fat-laden takeaways or sweet treats. It’s better to prepare a salad or a simple soup you can eat on the go and take it with you.

    Learn about fats: they aren’t all the enemy

    Many people are now realising the importance of quality fat, such as omega 3 fatty acids, in our diets. Eating high-quality salmon, free-range beef or eggs, and green, leafy vegetables, can maximise your intake of these.