Run Camilla, run

    23 April 2016

    On Sunday I am running the marathon. I say running, though I am not sure what I will be doing…walking… crawling…. crying?

    I volunteered to take part in the marathon in December after reading a poem at a Christmas concert to raise money for the NSPCC and Childline. It was a lovely concert, I had recently had a baby and running the marathon to raise money for the NSPCC and Childline seemed like a fantastic idea.

    I should have begun training straight way but with the new baby, my other three children, the house and work, I did not.

    The end of February came and I realized I must do something to prepare my body for the marathon. When March came it had to be the gym. At the gym there are machines that do things to your body and trainers who can shout at you. I chose a class called ‘The Grid’ where you do as many repetitions as possible of twelve brutal exercises for one minute each, repeating the course three times over. Its appeal was its intensity but more importantly that it was only half an hour long.

    Going to the gym was great in some ways, getting fit and strong, pushing myself, getting control over my body and mind but it was also boring and sometimes it felt like a waste of precious time. Why was I at the gym throwing heavy balls on the floor and picking them up again? Oh yes – because I am going to run a marathon and I need to be fit.

    Camilla Rutherford attends our 4th birthday party (Photo: Dave Bennett)

    Camilla Rutherford attends our 4th birthday party (Photo: Dave Bennett)

    Two days ago I stopped going to the gym because the training time has run out. Like any type of work it is only when you start that you realize how much you could do. The biggest hole in my training was that I did not do any running – silly that! I intended to, at least, walk the marathon course with the pushchair before the big day, but I didn’t.

    The marathon is tomorrow – I feel like I am going into battle and will have to take what’s coming to me. I know I will be in admiration of others around me and be humbled by their dedication.

    I do not have a strategy yet for how I will get to the finishing line on Sunday. I might try running for a bit. Maybe I’ll start with a run and then run for as long as I can. Maybe the crowds, the sites and the atmosphere will give me a running ability I have not, as yet, demonstrated and I will run and run. Then, exhilarated by the experience I will run some more.

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