Rory Bremner on the racists, xenophobes and bigots in the Leave campaign

    20 May 2016

    ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ was the message as guests gathered to toast the start of the summer season. The Rivea restaurant at the Bulgari hotel played host to a shimmy of shivering fillies including socialite Astrid Harbord, knicker queen Marissa Montgomery and stylist Martha Ward on Wednesday night. Bucketing rain kept newlyweds Guy Pelly and hotel heiress Lizzy Wilson huddled together – just the way they like it. 

    Astrid Harbord, Sofia Blunt and Olivia Buckingham

    Astrid Harbord, Sofia Blunt and Olivia Buckingham

    But the flower-filled restaurant wasn’t the only thing the crowd was encouraged to stay in. As they ate a European-inspired menu of burrata and Riviera-style bass, Rory Bremner regaled the throng with impressions of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and David Cameron. ‘Now we’ve got some choices,’ he said in the voice of the Prime Minister. ‘Are we going to make the rich richer? Are we going to make the poor poorer? I think we can do both.’

    Among the hilarity was a serious message, though. As always, talk of referendum filled the air. ‘The Leave campaign isn’t just a bunch of racists, xenophobes and bigots,’ said Bremner. ‘There are also opportunists.’ Bob Geldof laughed along as Bremner impersonated Boris Johnson (‘this is something I’ve felt passionate about for… what day is it?’) but refused to get up and sing. C’mon Bob – not like you to shy away performing for a good cause.