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    Prince Charles calls the Duchess of Cornwall his ‘baby girl’

    29 September 2015

    Although the Duchess of Cornwall is purported to have described the Prince of Wales as her ‘most precious darling’ in letters written to her lover before their marriage, the prince’s romantic efforts haven’t always been so well received.
    So Miss Steerpike was pleased to learn that the future monarch is receiving a helping hand when it comes to serenading his wife. Navin Kundra, the Bollywood singer, tells Miss S that he taught Prince Charles how to compliment the Duchess of Cornwall with a Hindi word which he uses to mean ‘baby girl’.
    ‘I was invited to perform to the royal family, they were wonderful,’ he says at a bash on Park Lane. ‘I actually taught Prince Charles a Hindi word, called mehbooba, which means beloved or baby girl if you’re from my crew, and I got him to call Camilla his mehbooba which was pretty neat.’
    Given the different names the Duchess of Cornwall has been called over the years, Miss S hopes that Prince Charles will stick with ‘baby girl’ for the foreseeable.