Pharmacies should ‘strip homeopathy from their shelves’, says Royal Pharmaceutical Society

    21 June 2015

    Professor Jayne Lawrence FFRPS FRPharmS, Chief Scientist of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is unlikely to be invited to dinner at Highgrove any time soon. Which is a shame, because Prof Lawrence is precisely the medical expert Prince Charles should consult before writing another of his spider memos lobbying on behalf of the crazy 19th-century cult of homeopathy.

    If you click on the website of the Royal (yes, Royal) Pharmaceutical Society, you will find this article by Prof Lawrence, recommending that pharmacists ‘cast from their shelves’ the medically worthless sugar pills posing as medicine. (And also read Prof David Colquhoun’s magnificent Spectator Health post on the subject.) Some highlights:

    What is the reason for the popularity of homeopathy now? After all, modern science does not support the scientific claims made by its supporters as to how homeopathy works. Indeed for homeopathy to work as claimed, we would have to completely revise our understanding of science. Any scientific evidence claiming to support homeopathy has either been shown to be flawed or not repeatable under controlled conditions. Furthermore, systematic reviews of modern clinical trials have supported the first early clinical trial showing that homeopathy has no more clinical effect than a placebo

    As an evidence-based profession, why do we continue to sell homeopathic preparations in our pharmacies when the evidence shows that they do not work?The public have a right to expect pharmacists and other health professionals to be open and honest about the effectiveness and limitations of treatments. Surely it is now the time for pharmacists to cast homeopathy from the shelves and focus on scientifically based treatments backed by clear clinical evidence.

    Over to you, Boots…

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