Marc Hagan-Guirey

    22 June 2013

    I’ve known Marc Hagan-Guirey, through his partner, for two or three years. I used to go to their house and see laser-cutting tools and paper everywhere. It was like I’d stumbled into an ultra-exclusive present-wrapping room.

    Marc used to be in digital design and he bravely walked away from his job in order to do something he was obsessed with as a child. It’s something I’ve managed to do and I wish more people would. A lot of them would like to, if they had the stupidity or the balls.

    With ‘Horrorgami’, Marc does the most astonishing things with card: he’ll take a sheet, just one flat sheet, and turn it into a location from Psycho or The Shining. He’s obsessed with the macabre, and he loves architecture. It’s the buildings he finds fascinating. During the day his models of them are white and beautiful in their lightboxes, then night falls. The backlights come on and suddenly they’re really scary.

    There are so many great pieces it’s hard to choose a favourite. I love his Addams Family house. The original set designer even emailed Marc to say that he loved it. His model of the Dakota Building is a brilliant piece. It’s from Rosemary’s Baby and the little pram in front of the door is so sinister, especially backlit green. But Psycho is my favourite. Because you never forget the first time you saw the film.

    I wish I owned one of his pieces, but his exhibition at Gallery One and a Half sold out. His whole story intrigues me: you quit your job and the security, and just throw yourself into something creatively, no matter what the risks.

    James Rhodes is @JRhodesPianist on Twitter. See more of Marc Hagan-Guirey’s work at: