Londoner’s Diary 100th birthday party: Sadiq Khan meets Malcolm Tucker

    26 May 2016

    To celebrate a century of high-class gossip courtesy of the Evening Standard, hacks, fashionistas and politicians gathered at Harvey Nichols on Wednesday night to toast the Londoner’s Diary 100th birthday. Setting the tone for the evening,  Joy Lo Dico — the diary editor — asked guests to raise a glass to those who had got into the exclusive bash by ‘tagging on someone else’s tailcoats or simply crashing’.

    While guests including Emily Maitlis and Camilla Kerslake sipped on champagne and feasted on dark chocolate truffles, Stanley Johnson arrived with two of his offspring in tow. Although Boris Johnson was missing from the do, his sister Rachel was quick to point out to guests that her brother Jo is really the one on the up.

    Rachel Johnson and Jo Johnson

    Rachel Johnson and Jo Johnson

    Fresh from his mayoral victory, Sadiq Khan charmed partygoers with tales of his first days in office — ‘less bling’ than expected. The Labour politician caught the eye of Peter Capaldi with the pair enjoying a lengthly tête-à-tête. While the Scottish actor is now best known for Doctor Who, it was his role as Malcolm Tucker —  the foul-mouthed Director of Comms — in The Thick of It which sparked their chat. ‘He just told me he was a really big fan,’ Khan confided to Miss Steerpike after. ‘He also said that he could swear at me if I wanted but I said I already get enough of that in the office.’

    Alas Khan was not enough of a draw to entice everyone to the do. Although Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands said in her speech that ‘there’s nowhere else you can have more fun than London’, the paper’s proprietor Evgeny Lebedev was nowhere to be seen. Miss S understands that Lebedev was too busy having dinner with Tony Blair to attend. It seems that at the Standard, New Labour is still very much en vogue.