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    Leave the daytime drinking to the grown-ups (IStock)

    Lloyd’s of London should be ashamed of itself for banning lunchtime drinking

    16 February 2017

    More bad news for city boys and girls — Lloyd’s of London has banned employees from daytime drinking. Insurance men and women in the Square Mile are terribly upset: It’s PC madness, they say. What’s the world coming to when well paid insurance people can’t spend their afternoons in the pub getting plastered and groping each other?

    If you’ve ever spent a day boozing with a bunch of rowdy Lloyd’s brokers you probably won’t be moved to join their protests. But we should object: insurance brokers are not children, and adults should be allowed to do whatever they like within the confines of the law.

    People who work for institutions such as Lloyd’s cherish their alcohol at lunch — if you worked in insurance, wouldn’t you? — and no decent human being should wish to deprive them of their fun. One city boy I spoke to told me, almost certainly drunkenly (we were chatting at 3pm, after all), that he was worried other companies may follow Lloyd’s lead by adopting a ban. ‘This a f***** disaster,’ he slurred. ‘Who do these people think they are? They are disrupting 300 years of bloody good lunchtime drinking.’

    Lloyd’s says it has had to ban office hours boozing because of ‘disciplinary incidents’. Oh dear. Why not sack the people who can’t enjoy a lunchtime drink without embarrassing themselves, and yet insist on drinking at lunch? Let the rest of them get on with being grown ups.