Mark Rylance, winner of Best Supporting Actor for 'Bridge of Spies,' Brie Larson, winner of Best Actress for 'Room,' Leonardo DiCaprio, winner of Best Actor for 'The Revenant,' and Alicia Vikander, winner of Best Supporting Actress for 'The Danish Girl (Photo: Getty)

    Live blog: The Oscars

    25 February 2016

    We’ll be live blogging the Oscars here on Sunday. It’s a late one, I’m afraid, so only for insomniacs and die-hard movie fans. The red carpet show kicks off on the Sky Oscars channel at 11.30pm and the Academy Awards proper at 1.30am.

    Witty and insightful commentary on what’s been described as the gay Superbowl will be provided by some Spectator regulars – Lloyd Evans, Melissa Kite, myself – and a roster of show business insiders, including the American humour writer Sandra Tsing Loh, the screenwriter Stan Chervin, the actress and producer Valerie Breiman, the former studio executive Barry Isaacson, once the most powerful Brit in Hollywood, and the television writer Rob Long .

    Some of the winners are easy to predict – Leo DiCaprio is a lock for Best Actor, as is Brie Larson for Best Actress – others, less so. Will Sylvester Stallone beat Mark Rylance to win Best Supporting Actor? Let’s hope so, if only because his stab at false modesty – “Aw, shucks, is this really for me?” – should be one for the ages. The Revenant is tipped to win Best Picture and Best Director, which should create scope for plenty of Leo gags.

    Things to watch out for: Host Chris Rock’s opening salvo of jokes about the lack of black nominees this year, Lady Gaga’s performance of her Oscar-nominated song ‘Till It Happens to You’, Sacha Baron-Cohen’s presenting gig (guaranteed to be the funniest moment of the night) and at least one denunciation of Trump and/or America’s gun laws from the winner’s podium. I don’t know about you, but this three-and-a-half hour, virtue-signalling marathon always turns me into a swivel-eyed conservative loon. Expect some incautious language by the end of the evening.

    See you Sunday!