Juice your way to good health

    22 June 2015

    In-association-with-cotswold-detoxJuice cleanses seem to be all the rage nowadays, with fresh juices popping up everywhere from Pret a Manger to the local supermarket. If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of detoxing through a juice fast but don’t understand how it all works, The Cotswold Detox is the place for you. From a two day short stay to a week or longer, this new health retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds offers luxury health holidays which take you through a guided process of juicing or raw foods, supporting you to make manageable changes to your dietary habits, even after you leave.

    Away from your familiar environment, immersing yourself in a detox allows you to see and feel results in a matter of days; whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce sluggish feelings, aid quality sleep, reduce food cravings, brighten your complexion or banish feelings of heaviness or bloating.

    We are all subject to high levels of toxin intake in our day-to-day life through food and drink, cleaning products, cosmetics and the environment – to but name a few. A detox is a period of time where you step away from your usual routine and diet, stop putting toxins onto and into your body and actively shift toxic deposits out of your system, entirely rebalancing yourself.

    Helena Cavan is the founder of The Cotswold Detox retreat: ‘Every day our body is busy separating the organic water from the fibres in the foods that we eat to ensure that we retain the nutrients our body needs whilst pushing out the waste,’ she says. ‘Highly nutritional and filling juices given during your time at The Cotswold Detox contain little fibre so you can give your body a break to focus on essential repair and cleansing. The supporting hydro-colonic treatments cleanse your colon to clear away waste material and hardened toxins and allow free passage of nutrients into the blood stream.’

    The Cotswold Detox programmes have been created by Helena to cleanse both body and soul through a gentle routine of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and supplements, exercise, relaxation and Mental Juice – her programme of mindset-shifting information.

    Each detox includes hydro-colonics and lymphatic massage. ‘Juicing combined with hydro-colonics is the deepest cleanse you can give your body,’ explains Helena. ‘By taking in a such a large quantity of nutrients through juicing and flushing out deposits from your colon, you are putting high levels of nutrients into your system which can actually be absorbed. Through our supportive cleanses, you learn to take care of yourself both from the inside out and from the outside in.’

    In every programme, there is also the opportunity to learn about raw foods and how to include nutritious, simple, tasty elements in your every-day diet. The support offered by Helena and her team creates a highly nurturing environment and offers a wealth of advice on how to make simple changes to your lifestyle once your retreat is complete.

    You can choose a programme to suit you; from a starter weekend, through to three, five or seven day breaks for a deeper cleanse. You can also book a bespoke cleanse to support a medical condition or a specific goal – this is always created in collaboration with your own health professionals.

    Call Helena at The Cotswold Detox for a pre-booking chat to work out the right retreat for you on 01242 374084 or visit for further information.