Jemima Khan’s name does her brother no favours in mayoral race

    12 April 2016

    During the last London mayoral election, Jemima Khan interviewed both candidates — Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone — for the New Statesman ahead of the vote. This time around, the well-heeled Londoner is taking a journalistic backseat thanks to her brother Zac Goldsmith running as the Conservative candidate.

    So, can Jemima’s left-wing credentials help to win her brother a few swing voters? Apparently not. Rather than boost her brother’s profile, Miss S understands that Jemima’s surname is actually proving to be a source of confusion with some voters presuming she is the sister of Sadiq Khan, the Labour candidate. The socialite says well-wishers have come up to her in recent months to wish her brother Sadiq the best in the race.

    While Jemima was born a Goldsmith, she took the cricketer Imran Khan’s surname when they married — and kept using it long after they separated. While she eventually reverted back to Goldsmith in late 2014, she is best known as Jemima Khan — having also used this as her byline.

    In fact, even Jemima’s previous attempts to measure public opinion of her brother, have ended in confusion:

    No doubt the news will come as a blow to the Goldsmith camp given that Zac is already lagging behind in the polls.